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Facial swelling
Fierce1977 posted:
Do anyone else have facial swelling....When I wake up some morning I am swollen in my face.......Is this normal?
K2isKsquared responded:
Please check out my post re: Lucy w/ Diamonds. The lady in the documentary has picture of her facial swelling. I have not had experience with this, other than with some swelling of my lips and eyelids. K2
Patientofmanydiagnosis responded:
I get a lot of swelling off & on. Either around my mouth, or eyes & cheeks. It varies. Sometimes Benedryl or allergy pills help especially when it seems like it is effecting swelling in my throat, but other times I just let it pass after half the day or so the swelling goes down. It's not a pretty site but I've taken pictures to show the doctors and they really don't give me any other advice. The next step may be to see a dermatologist again, but the Rheumy & Allergist/Immuniologist weren't much help for me. Just Lupus inflammation. So I guess yes it's normal. Hope this helps you. Staying Strong, Ezra
christsbloodheals84 responded:
When I was having SEVERE facial swelling in the morning it was accompanied by a cough...truns out I was in congestive heart failure caused by a bad lupus flare. If you have a cough too, I would have someone listen to your lungs to make sure they're clear of fluid.
sghouse responded:
Thank God!!!!! I thought I was the only one with the 10 pound bowling ball attached to my head :goofy: My face is so swollen that my checks get there before I do! The Rheumy said it is from the pred I am currently taking 60mg???? My face has be this way for over a week. Let me know if you find a answer or something that will take the swelling down. Sghouse

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