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A compilation of information about auto-immune disease
squirmy1963 posted:
This article was not written by a doctor, but a symplified version from several research studies and medical articles. Some of it helped me understand Lupus a little better.
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Lupylisa44 responded:
Hmmmm...not so sure I'd use this as a reference. The article does not seem very accurate.

RED FLAGS: "I am not a doctor, nor am I a health care practitioner. I am a compiler."

From where is this information compiled? I see many references, but they seem to be taken out of context.

"One point. Some researchers feel that sometimes an autoimmune illness (and Parkinson's disease) may be caused by consumption of aspartame (in diet drinks, Equal, Nutrasweet) and/or MSG. If you drink diet sodas or commonly consume either of these two chemical excito-toxins, Stop. They may be a major cause of your problems."

This is a myth and has been debunked by sevreral reputable scitentific organizations.

lexinton replied to Lupylisa44's response:
my rheumatologists specifically said no sodas (diet), limit red meat, low sugar and carb diet in addition to supplements. i have been reading up on sodas and diet stuff for years. i was a chronic diet this, diet that drinker.
i wouldn't say its a myth, nor that there is a direct link, but the quote does say "may be caused by consumption of aspartame (in diet drinks, Equal, Nutrasweet)" there are plenty of reputable scientific organizations in bed with the markers of such additives.
squirmy1963 replied to lexinton's response:
same advice for me, it's hard, but I have made progress.
squirmy1963 replied to Lupylisa44's response:
I thought he referenced several medical scientists at the bottom of article.

I wish my doctors knew Diet drinks were only a myth. Especially my gastrointerologist and my urologist. They have given me stern lectures on Diet Pepsi. So your sure it's A-O.K.?

Can you link me with that news, so I can show them?

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