Patient advocacy website
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I am just starting to look at this site, but it helps with ins, med debt crisis, and financial assistance, etc........please chek it out if u have any need! Hope it helps some of us!
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anowlin responded:

are some places to start. The first site is heavy on fact but there is a lot of support, too. The other two are blogs where you can get information and share it.
LupieTonya responded:
Nice site! But I looked on there Autoimmune Disorders and I don't see Lupus the co-pay relief. However I did notice they did have Pain under the co-pay relief... Humm the site is a little confusing. I will have to look at it again lol.
anowlin replied to LupieTonya's response:
Under co-pay relief (I assume you're talking about the Patient Advocacy site) I found some information about copay assistance. I didn't see any discussion of pain under copay assistance. Now, I'M CONFUSED!! Annie