Lupus Alliance of America
Christine Miserandino posted:
The Lupus Alliance of America is a group of agencies that have come together for the express purpose of providing needed services to those affected by lupus within their local communities. Our mission is "To ensure the delivery of services to those affected by lupus through affiliate members and other agencies and to fund research efforts."
The Lupus Alliance of America serves to support those individuals, organizations and agencies that are involved in research to find a cure for lupus or to improve treatment of the disease. This support includes providing money for such research and the dissemination of information that will help to advance those efforts.
The Lupus Alliance of America:
  • Promotes programs of public awareness and education about lupus.
  • Promotes, through Affiliates of the Corporation, patient education programs and services for those affected by lupus.
  • Works with health professionals to improve the standards of diagnosis, care, services and treatment of those suffering from lupus.
  • Serves as an advocate for those affected by lupus.
  • Supports research into the causes, treatment and cure of lupus.
The Lupus Alliance of America is working to build a brighter future for all lupus patients and their families.
- Christine Miserandino
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lupylisa44 responded:
being originally from Michigan the lupus foundation of Michigan switched affiliation from LFA to Lupus Alliance around 10 years ago. I now live in Colorado ant there is neither the LFA or the Lupus Alliance. there is, however The Lupus Foundation of Colorado. I was told that the LFC will not associate with the LFA because of all the red tape and politics. Personally, I prefer the Lupus Alliance over the LFA.

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