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David Zelman, MD posted:
In addition to the excellent info on this site, you should also consider this one
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Angel_Eyes_9266 responded:
Dr. Z.

I looked that, and I am still having trouble finding out if Lupus can be hereditary! My mother was diagnosed with Lupus right after I was born, and was supposed to pass away from it within a year, but thankfully she lived till i was 15 yrs old. I was tested for it about 4 years ago, and it came back negative at that time. I know that it can take many years to show up, but I still am unsure as to if it is actually hereditary!!! My oldest sister and I are both worried about this. I know I am probably writing this in the wrong spot, but I had just looked at so that's why I posted it here. I truly hope that you get a chance to read this, and "try" to answer my question!
renalupie1 replied to Angel_Eyes_9266's response:
The only answer you will get anywhere is that people with autoimmune diseases have a "tendency" to have them in their family.

There is alot of diabetes for several generations in my family. but not everyone has it.

My grandfather had Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was diagnosed with Lupus and RA about 8 years ago. My MOTHER was diagnosed about three years ago! My son is showing signs of RA, but his RA factor is still negative. One of my mother's niece's has lupus. Her mother has lupus. but the rest of the family (6 kids) don't have any autoimmune disease....

I hope that helps you a bit.
lupylisa44 responded:
I am the only one in my family with an autoimmune disease, My old boyfriend has 5 sisters, all of whom have lupus. I believe that researchers have made progress with the genetic mapping, but are still looking for the genetic link.

I am convinced that my lupus was caused by either environmental factors or because my mom was given DES during her pregnancy with me. I cannot locate her medical records to confirm this, but my cousin who is one year older than me is what they call a "DES daughter" She suffers from many issues due to the fact that her mother was given DES while she was pregnant. My mom and her sister both went to the same OB/GYN. so it would be logical to assume that the doctor would have used the same medicine on my mom, especially because she started spotting while she was carrying me.

They now say that problems from DES can be passed to the subsequent generations.


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