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    lifeisgreatx3 responded:
    Hi i am new to this webpage....i have not been actually diagnosed with lupus....i have actually been told that all my test were normal....i got sick starting with muscle pain,low grade fever,chronic fatigue out of this world, headaches,shortness of breath,paralsis from waist down it started in my right hip i lost motion,ive had ct's of brain,abdomen,spine,sinuses...blood work-did have a abnormal ana of 1:40 speckled.... 15 bottles of pills,shots,trips to the er becaues of the headpains-and loosing functin from waist down (note i did get my feeling back after a few hours...i went to the disease doctor he told me all my test were normal.... i asked him what could have caused me to be so chronically sick like that for six and half weeks and note i got better on my own i got better just like i did as when i went down day by day improve just like in the begining day by day got worse...he just put up his hands and said some type of infection...ok i think but in my mind i am tihinking why did none of the three infection meds help me,and no one was able to give me answers throughout the whole time i was sick as to question is that i know lupus is hard to diagnose it is normal to have your test in early stages show negative results for this disease..i sure hope this is not the case of my diagnoses but i would rather not give up if there is still that possibility and later it be a worse case of sle if this could still possibly be my answers to my mystery of illness..... if you have any suggestions on this please anyone reply to let me know of any tips.... thanks
    pugpuppy replied to lifeisgreatx3's response:
    I am sorry that you have had to go threw all that I know it is frustrating but don't give up. have you been to a rumatologist?
    There are people on here that know alot and I am sure who will read this post, I know some but will leave the info. post to the others. I know that sounds dumb but I wanted to let you know that my prayers and thaughts are with you and please don't give up on getting a diagnosis.
    waves of hugs pugpuppy;o)
    Lupylisa44 replied to lifeisgreatx3's response:
    Hi Lifeisgreatx3

    Can you please post this as a new discussion? It will not be seen here due to the fact that this is a"permanent post that most of us have already checked.


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    Minimizing steroid side effectsExpert
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