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Blood Test Results
TXDIYGal posted:
I found a useful website that lists various blood tests and gives the definitions and normal ranges for them! This website also has a wide selection of blood test questions and gives quick answers to them. The answers are not 'lay-person' friendly, but it is more information than I have found on any other site on the web!! It was great for me just to be able to cruise through the question and read the answers.
Docs Gal
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TXDIYGal responded:
I clicked POST before I was finished with my post! This website also includes research for medication side affects, medical symptoms, and so much more. I forgot to put the link to the website in my post so here it is:

P.S. My husband is a FP doctor and he really likes this site for those people who want to learn more about their illnesses and can handle the technical jargon. The terninology is not for the faint of heart though, it is a website set up FOR medical students and the people in the medical field to use as a resource for study.


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