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I am a man with Lupus of the skin and body. Heres how i help beat my chronic hives!
An_206317 posted:
I had chronic hives caused by lupus for 8 months. The sun and anything making contact with my skin that day would cause me to flare up. Hives all over my body, swollen feet, hands and throat. I felt suicidal during this time but i love life too much plus thats only for the weak definitely not my character.I went to many doctors before i was diagnosis to help me find out what was wrong. They all told me i had chronic hives but they couldn't figure out the cause. They gave me prednisone and other types of medications that helped a little but i couldn't live on this medication well i refused too. The last doctor gave me stress medication it didn't nothing but gave me pain. The funny thing was he diagnose me without test. I started thinking of how stress i really was i wasn't financially stress i was doing okay. Then i started thinking could it be my relationship her expectations of marriage and our life together driving me to be emotionally stress maybe.
Then i started thinking i am not fat but i am gaining a little weight in the core area of my body. I started remembering when i use to train in the boxing gym the release of endorphins would make me feel so relaxed.So i started walking on the tread mill for 40 minutes at 3.0-4.5 speed to get my heart and stamina up. Then i started running for 20 minutes 5.0-5.5 =speed. Then i started hitting the weights and a training routine that kept me fit . Oh don't think that this was easy i had flare ups during my work out my throat was swollen feet and hands swollen hives all over my body and face but i wanted to beat this thing. Sometimes with tears in my eyes i am working out thinking what i did wrong in life to deserve such pain. My relationship ended i was in better shape and the hives slowly went away maybe 6-8 weeks after my work out and relationship ended .
I am no expert but i think the emotional stress and your physical condition could play a big part in controlling your lupus flare ups.
I 9yrs later still get some joint pain swollen feet and hands but its temporary couple hours and its gone.
I took that medication hydroxychloroquine i had a flare the second week when my 2 and 5 yr old came home sick with coxsackie virus the medication surpressed your immune system allowing me to get effected with blisters on my face couldn't walk feet were like balloons, could leave my bed first day hands swollen. All lasted for 5 days leaving me with facial scars. I stop taking it havent had a episode like that since. But thats me everyone is different!
Hope this is Helpful.
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Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon,

Thank you so much for sharing your story and information!

I am sure you will be an inspiration to others!

bienestaros responded:
Great job identifying the role stress plays contributing to your flares. And great job in being willing to look for specific stressors. Wish my wife would give more credence to stress' role in her flares.

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