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    Tip for helping with sores in your nose.
    Lupussufferersince15 posted:
    I get open sores in my nose sometimes like I do in my mouth. The problem is that there isn't a treatment that I know of for the nose sores. I was talking to someone else and they told me a simple fast way to help the sore heal and close up. They told me to take a cotton swab /q-tip and put a little dab of neosporin on it and rub that inside your nose on the sore. It feels really wierd, but it helps me every time I do it. And its an easy fast thing to try if you have this issue.
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    LupieTonya responded:
    OH wow thought I was the only one that have those! Thanks for the tip I will try it! Do you also wake up with a lump in your throat as well?
    Latina_B responded:
    Thank you for this tip. I will definitely try it out. I've had those sores twice now. The first time I had it, it had left a scar on my nose and the second time I had it, I did not leave my house until it finally left.
    ~FierCe AgainsT LuPuS~
    Lupussufferersince15 replied to Latina_B's response:
    I've never had a lump in my throat when I wake up. My sores are always inside my nostril. I also get the sores in my mouth, but they have an oral paste for that. I'm glad this was helpful to you both.
    itnam responded:
    wow! thankyou, I get nose sores alot and don't know what to do. I've used neosporin in my mouth. great idea.
    nancyj95 responded:
    I very frequently get cold sores inside my nose. They can be painful and very annoying. I do 2 things to help-first I take 500 mg of Lysine every day (it really helps cut back on the number of outbreaks) and I use a Lysine ointment on a swab for the sores. If I feel one coming on, I put the ointment on immediately and sometimes it doesn't erupt completely.
    Hope this helps you.
    lodossgyrl replied to nancyj95's response:
    @nancyj95 Is there a brand name of this Lysine ointment and where do you get it? I have never seen it before. I too have gotten sores in my nose...not so much since I have been on Plaquenil but I do still get them. I do take Lysine on a regular basis but sometimes still get the cold sores or canker sores anyway. Most of the time they are either in my mouth or on my face and I have noticed that when I get them it helps to immediately start taking Aleve. They seem to heal more quickly if you can keep the inflammation down. For the ones in my mouth I use Peroxyl (a mouthwash by Colgate) to help them go away--but you cant use it all the time or it will keep them from healing. Just once or twice to get the healing started or if food gets in them. Although Abreva works on the face, I'm wondering if the Lysine ointment might work well too.
    AmyfromGuam replied to Lupussufferersince15's response:
    Thank you for the tip. Being that I get these also, I will definately try it.

    What is the oral paste for mouth sores called? I'd like to try this also.

    Thank you!
    MsKmak responded:
    I get these too. They are uncomfortable and annoying. I've found that lots of products like Vaseline, Neosporin, even Carmex helps. I get them in my noses and mouth as well.
    Hinniegirl replied to MsKmak's response:
    I use the steroid paste called Kenelog for my mouth ulcers and it gets rid of them much faster than anything else. I get sores inside my nose and since I got Sjogren's this is worse. i am grateful for this tip, aa I had methotrexate on top of plaquenil and steroids for a few years so the fear of infection through the sinuses was unnerving. Sometimes it seems like one long flare to me.
    NEB1972 responded:
    Thank you so much! I get these nasal sores at least once a month, and they are really annoying and painful. They seem to come on very suddenly, and I've wondered how I can expedite the healing of these things. Thank you!
    bjjazzy responded:
    I get sores too, I used Vaseline, Neosporine, this other stuff that is basically an anesthetic...nothing works, I don't know what to do. They come and go on their own on and off constantly. My mouth and eyes are dry too from Sjogren's and I am constantly drinking soda or coffee, or sucking on candy and cough drops. I don't know what to do for any of this.
    skorpie replied to bjjazzy's response:
    I've been getting sores inside my nose for over a year now. I recommend manuka honey, it's the only remedy that gives me relief. I get a manuka honey gel with aloe. It doesn't dry out my nose, but definitely makes sores heal faster.
    bonbonf replied to LupieTonya's response:
    I do... I wake up with a lump of hard pflegm inmy throat.
    mc3483 replied to skorpie's response:
    Where do you get this????

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