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chrismcg posted:
thanks for the support K2 and Jessi-it is so nice to have people who get it... just wanted to update my hive torture... finally got into see my dermatologist and the "hives" making me miserable weren't hives- it was a fungal infection reacting to the 3 different steroid creams my doc has had me on- ( i've been feeding the rash for the last 3 months..with steroids!!!.) it was explained to me that prednisone i have to take to control my joint swelling can make you susceptible to athlete's foot, tinea (ringworm) and other fungi hanging around your skin (YAY! like lupus isn't bad enough) and if left unchecked can make for quite the nasty rash-trust me it was bad!!-i know i'm hitting on the gross factor, but if it saves 1 person from going thru this it's worth it- if you have any kind of rash,hives, or itchy, get a skin scrape done- my dermatologist diagnosed in 5 minutes what my doc has been missing for months-not her fault-we both thought it was lupus related - just could have saved alot of expense, discomfort, and sleepless nights if she had thought to do a skin cream should have me fixed up in a week or so-fight the good fight my friends!
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jessi19661 responded:
Hi Chris. I am so glad u got that taken care of, and I may ask if mine could be the same. I think mine may be vasculitis, after observation. I am happy we helped u! Please come back with any other things or just to vent to those who "get it"!! Hugs! Jessi
K2isKsquared responded:
Great post, chrismcg! Definitely info we need to know. I just hope the Derm was able to give you some relief . . . PRONTO!


HG1948 responded:
I just saw your post. Gosh, I definitely need to see a dermatologist really soon.

Thanks for sharing this information.

Glad to meet you.


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