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Understanding Your Semen Analysis (SA)
amyaalc posted:
When trying to interpret your semen analysis results focus on three main values; volume (cc or ml), count (million sperm per ml or cc of volume), and motility (percentage of sperm moving around). Take these three numbers and multiple them together to give you the total number of motile sperm in the sample or total motile (TM). The volume should by 1.5 ml or higher, count 20 million/ml or higher, and motility 50% or higher leaving you with 20 million motile sperm or higher. If you have at least 20 million motile sperm in the sample you are considered fertile. Below 20 million motile sperm is considered subfertile. Subfertile does not mean you are sterile, but rather you may have difficulties conceiving naturally and intrauterine insemination is a great option for subfertile males.
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
It is important for people to know that for some men, 10 million motile may be plenty and they might have no problems conceiving, while for others, 100 million may not be enough. Guys don't put out lots of quality sperm. We are all about quantity. In fact, most of the sperm in a healthy man's semen are not very good. There are lots of things you can do to promote sperm health, and I am sure Amy will address these over time.
ginaleg replied to Sheldon_Marks_MD's response:
Where do I go in my area to get my husband a sperm analyst test. I live in area code 28376. I have had 4 children in the past, since I divorced in 25 yrs ago, my new husband has none. We are considering me to get a reverse tubal done to have a baby. I am in the process of getting a FSH blood test & looking for a place near by to get husband sperm analyst test done.
Sheldon_Marks_MD replied to ginaleg's response:
You will have to call any local laboratories to see if they will do an SA.
Mrswilson01 responded:
Me and hubby who's Diabetic and has retrograde ejaculation had SA #1 with about 40% motility we were anticipating a IUI , but with low motility chances will be slim , So we had a SA #2 have not gotten results yet but are there any medical treastments besides IVF that we can use to promote motility ?
amyaalc replied to Mrswilson01's response:
Even with motility at 40%, which is not all that low, IUI is a great option as long as the sperm count is decent. Most doctors like to see total motile above 5 million to have good odds for an IUI. Let us know how his counts look on this recent test. Clomid can also be given to boost sperm production and quality. Usually taken 50 mg daily or every-other-day for up to 3 months.

Personally I give IUI 3 tries and if still no pregnancy move onto IVF.
iheartmemories replied to Sheldon_Marks_MD's response:
Dear Dr, Can you look at the discussion I created labeled "zero count after Androgel".

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