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Improvement in SA (Wanna do IUI)
Branden381 posted:
I had an SA done this past week and was a bit excited and bummed at the same time. My wife and I have been TTC for over 7 years with recent indication that I'm at fault. She passed ALL tests. Last year my SA was 50 million Total sperm, 77% motility and 1% morphology. I recently lost 58lbs (and more to go) and went in for another SA. My new counts came in at 100 million Total, 50% Molility and 4% morphology. Both tests were done with Strict Kruger method. I plan on losing more weight, but my wife and I would like to continue with an IUI now. I have started taking FertilAID for men this week and hope this boosts my motility and quality. I have also been taking vitamin C and E and Pycnogenol since my SA. I hope this all helps. Can someone tell me what kind of chance we have doing an IUI with the normal levels at 4%. I read on all kinds of websites that 4% and above is considered normal with Kruger Method. We plan on doing our 1st IUI in August.
amyaalc responded:
Congratulations on the improvement in sperm parameters, the improved lifestyle and weight loss! I hope these improvements along with a couple IUI's will do the trick!

You are correct and with Kruger Strict Morphology 4% is considered within a normal fertile parameter. That means you have the same odds of conceptions as the next guy on the street with numbers all within those normal limits.

IUI can give you anywhere from 15-30% chance of pregnancy per try. This will depend on the success rates for your doctor/clinic that is doing the sperm prep and insemination. Ask what they typically see for a couple in your situation for a better idea of your odds.

Good luck and keep us posted! Make sure to ask for pre and post wash sperm counts to get an idea of the amount of sperm used for the inseminations and the quality of recovery the lab has with the sperm preparation.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS (ABB)
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
Branden381 replied to amyaalc's response:
Thank you! I've been trying Soooo hard to get where I am and will continue to get even more healthy. The doctor said that motility was still an issue, but counts were good and still not great odds due to morphology. 4% and up is considered normal?
amyaalc replied to Branden381's response:
Don't worry to much with that morphology and you can not give a fully diagnosis on only 1 test. That next analysis he might have 5% normal. Unless you have 2-3 analyses over 3-6 months all showing 1% morphology, you can't diagnosis that he's producing poor quality.

Make sure he's taking a good daily multivitamin or a fertility blended vitamin for men to try to help improve that morphology. Also no smoking of any kind, drinking only in moderation (1-2 drinks daily max), eat healthy, regular exercise, not hot tubs or other heat exposure and avoid any possible chemical exposures.


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