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0% Morohology
ajc2009 posted:

I am a 28 year old female, and my husband and I have been TTC for almost a year. I have had many tests/ultrasounds done, and show signs of PCOS. My hormone levels are improving, though, and my cycles have become closer together recently (last 2 were each 34 days).

My husband had a semen analysis done, and he had a really good count & motility looked good (I don't have the exact numbers, this is just what the doctor told me). His morphology, however was 0. She recommended he make an appt with the urologist, and he has not had that appointment, yet. I've read the various posts and discussions on morphology and understand that it's a controversial issue. He is 29, healthy weight, exercises daily, has never smoked, only drinks occasionally, etc.

My doctor prescribed me Clomid, but I don't really want to start it if the morphology issue wouldn't allow us to conceive anyway. She prescribed it after his SA and after my most recent labs came back. I am assuming she wouldn't have recommended i take it if the 0% morphology would prevent us from conceiving even if i do respond well to Clomid. Thoughts on how much impact this could have? Should I go ahead and try Clomid or wait until he has some further tests?
ajc2009 responded:
The title of this should haven been 0% MORPHOLOGY
amyaalc responded:
Yes, I'm on the fence with morphology and you are correct that some think it's a big deal and others don't worry. A good sperm is not a perfect sperm! Depending on the problems seen with the sperm will also play into the equation. If only slightly too round of heads no big deal but if major abnormalities yes this may need address.

I think getting your PCOS straightened out will be the most helpful but also worth while to make sure he has a sperm healthy lifestyle.

I guess the big thing is just making sure he is doing everything he can to ensure quality sperm production.

Take daily vitamins/anti-oxidants. Give a fertility blended vitamin a try like FertilAid for Men.
Good to hear he's not a smoker or heavy drinker
Is he exposed to any chemicals with his job? If yes I know he can't just stop working so he needs to make sure to take the necessary precautions like wearing gloves and face mask and apron. Always wash hands after handling chemicals...
Any heat exposers?

Have him make any of the above changes and start those vitamins and retest another semen analysis in 3 months. You can not judge fertility off only 1 analysis.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
Amy is right. A normal morphology is like 4 % or more, but zero is not good. The problem is that reading morphology is so dependent on the lab person, their experience, skill, years doing this and so much more -so it is quite variable. If i took a specimen and showed it to 10 lab techs around the US i would get 10 different results for morphology. Before I get excited i would repeat the SA at a reputable lab by experienced lab techs - and a neutral lab that has nothing to gain by a bad result. Good luck. in the meantime, up those anti-oxidant rich foods and supplements.

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