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varicocele and sexual intercourse
Anon_61399 posted:
I have varicocele grade 1, though I am taking medication just I was just wondering if it is safe to have sexual intercourse with my wife
amyaalc responded:
What is the medication name and dose???
Anon_61399 replied to amyaalc's response:
I am using Daflon 500mg twice daily, just to add me and my wife a trying for a baby for the last 6 months. I started to use Daflon 2weeks ago. I have been using Selenium-ACE and Spermotil since 6 monthbecause ow I am using Daflon along with these two, ( last sperm analysis done 2 weeks ago, 106500000 mil/ml sperm count, 70% normal morphology with 50% actively motile and 10% moderate motile sperms)
amyaalc replied to Anon_61399's response:
Good job with the fertility boosting vitamins.

Your production looks good and active motility is normal so keep trying and if no pregnancy by 12 months time for a female workup and move onto inseminations if needed. Regular intercourse between days 12- 18 of your wife's cycle, day #1 is the start of her period. She can also use an over-the-counter ovulations predictor kit to narrow down the best timing or fertile window for regular intercourse (every 24 hours).

I'll double check with our urologist to see if any side effects of Daflon on sperm but my quick search didn't come up with anything. I would think it should be okay if you urologist prescribed the medication to help boost fertility since you have a varicocele.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
Small varicoceles are rarely a cause for problems- whether pain or lower fertility. Keeping things cool down there is important- no hot tubs, jacuzzis or hot baths or saunas. Keep cell phone away from front of pants and genitals - that has been shown to lower counts. likewise , if you sit with a laptop, keep legs apart to allow heat to exit and also put board, table or pillow under computer. Amy is right.

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