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how can I help??
l8dsheena posted:
About a month ago my husband was diagnosed with low sperm count (around 5 million per ml) and poor morphology and motlity. He goes to see a urologist next month to find out the cause and if it can be helped. He is now taking vitamins and suppliments that are supposed to help with that kind of thing.
I am healthy and have a normal cycle...but is there anything more I can do for my part to increase our chances of becoming pregnant?

PS~ we do have children, but my last 2 took 3 years to concieve (I lost my last one due to miscarriage)
amyaalc responded:
The urological exam will be most helpful to see if it is just a hormonal imbalance. Maybe Clomiphene Citrate would be helpful to boost sperm production.

After his appointment you can try timed inseminations to increase you odds of achieving pregnancy.

Please keep us posted on how that appointment turns out next month and thanks for sharing.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
l8dsheena replied to amyaalc's response:
Unfortunately we are not able to do any kind of artificial insemination/conception for religious reasons. But I will keep you posted, I know I will have many more questions after his appointment

Thank you for the encouragement!
amyaalc replied to l8dsheena's response:
Don't give up! Good things don't come easy and he has live sperm so pregnancy is always possible.
l8dsheena replied to amyaalc's response:
My husband's urology appointment was a couple days ago, and the doc said everything checks out physically. He's scheduled for a hormone panel and another semen analysis to confirm LSC. The doc suspects he may need to go on Clomid. If clomid helps boost his SC, would it be permanently corrected or would he have to go on it every time we want a baby?
amyaalc replied to l8dsheena's response:
It might be enough to get his production back up and holding steady but also possible that after stopping numbers will drop again and will need to repeat treatment when you want another child.
l8dsheena replied to amyaalc's response:
He has had a second semen analysis, and we got the results back...his count went from 5mil to 36mil! unfortunately he still has only 25% "normal" sperm, so he's probably going to have to go through more tests. blood tests show testosterone is slightly low "but not too bad". Everything else is normal. His total semen amount also doubled. Hes been excersizing a lot more, and taking l-carnitine suppliments along with his vitamins...I'm hoping if he keeps it up things will improve even more?

I know the 25% isn't good, and his doctor is getting a second opinion before he takes any action. Is there anything he can take at home to make his sperm heathier?
amyaalc replied to l8dsheena's response:
Morphology can vary so keep him on those vitamins and maybe even put him on a supplement called FertilAid for Men specifically developed to help improve sperm parameters.

Depending on the morphology testing used 4%, 14% or 30% can all be normal limits. The 25% is above 2 of those limits and testing methods but just under on the 3rd so very likely this number will improve with those supplements to push him back into the normal limit.


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