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High sperm count and mobility but low morphology
Alice_ke posted:
Hi Amy,

I was wondering if you could help me. My boyfriend's sperm count is high, mobility as well, but morphology is low. Here are the results of his SA:

Volume: 3.5ml Total number of sperms ejaculated: 209 million Concentration: 59.6 million/ml Mobility: 62% Forward mobility: 47% Kruger morphology: 2%

He is 34, doesn't smoke and is pretty healthy overall.

Any thoughts on whether the low morphology can be ignored considering the high count and mobility? The normal morphology should be 4% or more, but his count is 5x higher than the minimum (the minimum is 40 million according to the parameters that appear on the results) in theory he has more normal sperms than a person with for example 60 million sperms and 5% morphology.

Thanks for your help.
Alice_ke responded:
Sorry, the 47% is "progressive motility". Motility overall is 62%
Alice_ke replied to Alice_ke's response:
Amy, any chance you could let me know your thoughts on the above/

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