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Psychological effects of male infertility
1957hank posted:
I hate to ask this question but I want to know how many other guys have been affected psychologically by infertility. My wife and I are well past child bearing age ( in our late 50's) We have been married 35 years and adopted our daughter 29 years ago. I was born with undescended testicles and unfortunately, did not have corrective surgery until age 10. I didnt think much of it at the time. I met my wife and we married. We wanted to have children a few years later and hand difficulty. We seen our doctors and many specialists. It was determined I was sterile and also had hypogonadism. Doctors tried injections but were unsuccessful. It was not until later that I really discovered how much sterility played on my self esteem. There were times I wished I would have died so my wife could remarry. I have gotten over that thankfully. Being and infertile couple is not easy as many of you know. My ego was bruised terribly and my wife suffered because of it. Chances are there are guys who may feel the same way. Do yourself and your wife a favor, talk with someone. It may help you get in touch with your innerself. Its not easy but it will make you better and stronger. If any of you guys read this, take my advice. If you are a woman married to guy dealing this, have him read this. Dont let infertility ruin your life. There are many medical advances since our time but still there are some that may not work. Pray to God.
Thanks for letting me share a few thoughts. Hank
amyaalc responded:
Thank you for sharing and I hope we have other men respond.

Remember that being a father does not have to be biological and your path in life has given a loving home to your adopted daughter.

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