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Semen Analysis Report
An_251976 posted:
Dear Doctor,

My semen analysis report is as follow:-

Liquefaction Time(min): 30 min
Consistency Thin
Volume 1.5
pH: 8.0 SPERM

MOTILITY (%) (100 Spermatozoa)
a) Rapid Progression: 15%
b) Slow Progression: 20%
c) Non-Progressive Motility: 15%
d) Immotile: Agglutination: - 50%

Count / ml: 25 Million

Normal: 50%
Abnormal: 50%
Head Defects: 15%
Tail Defects: 15%
Neck & Mid Piece Defects: 15%
Cytoplasmic Droplets: 04%
Headless 'Pinhead' : 01%
Pus Cells : 20-22
Red Blood Cells : 6-8
Epithelial Cells: 0-1
Miscellaneous : Nil

Can you tell me how can i reduce pus cells and whats the chance of fertility.

amyaalc responded:
Count looks good but your motility and Pus cells are of concern. You may have prostatitis or epididymitis that needs treated with antibiotics based on the Pus cell count. These infections or inflammatory conditions can cause lowered motility and sperm quality so that should improve after treatment.

Recommend seeing your local urologist to address these concerns and get treatment.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS (ABB)
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
Ali1234566 replied to amyaalc's response:
My semen anaylsis also show low vol of 1.5 ml but it take me years to ejculate in lab . I am always stressed there i did two test and both times my vol is low .. Is 1.5 ml low for fathering a baby
Maxwell82 replied to amyaalc's response:
Dear Doctor, [br>[br>My semen analysis report as of Aug 14, 2013 shows this results:- [br>[br>[br>Liquefaction Time(min): 30 min[br>Appearance Creamy White

Consistency Thin[br>Volume 2[br>pH: 8.0 SPERM[br>[br>MOTILITY (%) (100 Spermatozoa) [br>a) Rapid Progression: 30%[br>b) Slow Progression: 40%[br>c) Non-Progressive Motility: 10%[br>d) Immotile: Agglutination: - 20%[br>[br>Count / ml: 90 Million[br>[br>[br>MORPHOLOGY (%)[br>Normal: 60%[br>Abnormal: 40%[br>Head Defects: 10%[br>Tail Defects: 10%[br>Neck & Mid Piece Defects: 10%[br>Cytoplasmic Droplets: 06%[br>Headless 'Pinhead' : 04%[br>Pus Cells : 10-15 [br>Red Blood Cells :8-10 [br>Epithelial Cells: 1-2 [br>Miscellaneous : Nil[br>[br>[br>Can you tell me whats the chance of fertility. [br>[br>[br>Regards, [br>Maxwell
floridamenshealthcenter replied to Maxwell82's response:
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