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Sperms are dead
Mish_86 posted:
Hi! My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for the past year and we finally went to have ourselves checked. I just heard from my doctor that my hubby's sperms are dead within the first hour of his semen analysis. And also, his semen ejaculation is very low. Are there any vitamins or supplements he can take to improve? He is a chef and has diabetes also.
amyaalc responded:
It would be wise to have your husband get a full fertility evaluation with an urologist to see what is causing the low volume and poor motility. Very possible that it is treatable so get him the attention he needs. Check if you have any urologist in your area with a fellowship training in male factor fertility.

Make sure to follow these sperm healthy guidelines:
Sperm Healthy Lifestyle

1. No heat to the scrotum and groin areas. Heat causes damage to the sperm cells so stay away from hot tubs, saunas, Jacuzzis or soaking in baths above body temperature.
2. Stay well hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids. Caffeine is okay in moderation.
3. Eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Red meat and fish should be consumed regularly.
4. Regular ejaculations, every 24-48 hours, to keep the system revved up.
5. Avoid testosterone replacements and all male hormone/androgen supplements. These can drastically reduce or even zero-out sperm counts.
6. Absolutely no tobacco in any form. Tobacco use causes DNA damage to sperm cells that leads to lower pregnancy rates, increased incidence of miscarriage and birth defects. This holds true for marijuana and other recreational drugs.
7. Alcohol in moderation. Excess drinking is associated with significant sperm toxicity.
8. Maintain a healthy BMI level. Excess fat tissue results in increased estrogen and lowered testosterone.
9. Avoid cells phones in pants pockets or belt clip attachments. Do not place laptop, tablets or other computer devices directly on lap.

When it comes to supplements more does not always equal better so please follow the dosages below. If you are not a fan of taking all these individually we would recommend purchasing a male fertility blend vitamin such as FertilAid for Men, Fertility Blend for Men, Conception XR or other blended multivitamins containing a majority of these ingredients such as GNC's B-Complex 75 Complete (as low as $9.59/month) with the addition of the missing items. Fertility Boost for Men can also be added to help improve sperm motility and forward progression.

Always consult your primary care provider before starting any supplements.

Vitamin/Anti-oxidant Dosage Benefits

B Complex Once daily DNA
Vitamin C 500 mg daily Count, motility and morphology
Vitamin D 400 IU daily Improves sperm quality
Vitamin E 400 IU daily Motility, viability and morphology
Coenzyme Q10 200 mg daily Motility and forward progression
Folic Acid 1 mg daily Count and DNA
Acetyl L-carnitine 1 g daily Motility and forward progression
L-carnitine 1 g daily Motility and forward progression
Lycopene 10 mg daily Count and motility
Selenium 200 3BCg daily Motility, viability and morphology
Zinc 50 mg daily Count and DNA
Fish oil capsules 2-3 daily Count, motility and morphology
RobertPatrick responded:
There are two types of sperms, motile and non-motile. I motile sperms has the capacity to fertilize egg. Your partner need to improve his sperm motility and count too.

1.Drink water: Drinking lots of water daily is good for good sperm production and sperm quality too.

2.Exercise: Exercise and workout is best for every health problem. Due to exercise body gets detoxify which removes impurities and flaws.

Also sperm are dead which means that the testis is not creating quality sperms. Eating vitamins and medicines which improves sperm count can help your partner to tackle such problem.

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