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What are our chances?
Mrs_Cary_616 posted:
Hello,[br>[br>My husband and I have been ttc for almost 3 years. About a year ago we decided to finally visit a fertility clinic, where he was diagnosed with vericoceles and also low count/motility. We were told IVF is our ONLY option, but who can afford that??? Sooo, I'm just wondering if anyone else has been in this same situation and were able to conceive naturally and what steps you took. He recently (2 months now) started taking FertilAid supplements, hoping this helps improve things. His most recent semen analysis was in May (2013) and his test results were as follows (in case a Doctor sees this and cares to comment)[br>[br>Volume 1.6mL[br>Progression 1[br>Sperm Agglutination - Slight[br>Viscosity - Moderate[br>Round Cells 1[br>Viability 40[br>WBC 0[br>Morphology 1[br>Sperm Concentration 4[br>Total Motile-Sperm 1.6[br>Total Sperm Count Average 6.4[br>Motility Average 25[br>[br>Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read/respond!
Mrs_Cary_616 responded:
Volume 1.6mL[br>Progression 1[br>Sperm Agglutination - Slight[br>Viscosity - Moderate[br>Round Cells 1[br>Viability 40[br>WBC 0[br>Morphology 1[br>Sperm Concentration 4[br>Total Motile-Sperm 1.6[br>Total Sperm Count Average 6.4[br>Motility Average 25
amyaalc responded:
Did they give your husband a referral to see an Urologist for his male factor infertility/subfertility? You guys need to look at the issues at hand. It is possible his fertility level can be improved. A varicocelectomy can improve count, motility and quality of sperm so natural conception is no problem. It can take 6 months to see full improvements in sperm parameters.

I'm just shocked that you were told the IVF is your only option. Beware that in practices that function on cash paying patients you should always get 2nd or even 3rd opinion to explore all your options.

Why put you through a cycle of IVF when your fertility might be absolutely fine and his is correctable making natural conception possible...

The skill of the urologist that does the varicocelectomy is important. It is a very delicate procedure and you should look for an urologist that has fellowship training in male factor fertility. If you need a referral in your area just let me know and I can ask our urologist for someone in your area.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS (ABB)
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
Mrs_Cary_616 replied to amyaalc's response:
Thank you for your response! We were referred to a urologist, Dr. Sandlow in Milwaukee, WI (we were told he was the best in our area). He was the one who noticed the vericoceles. He did say it could be corrected with surgery, but that it most likely wouldn't improve my husbands count enough for us to conceive naturally. He also urged us to go with IVF as well. We just feel so discouraged at this point. We've also checked into accupuncture, but that dr said the morphology was too low and it wouldn't help, he didn't even charge us for our visit, he just sent us on our way.

From what you're saying, it sounds like maybe we should start looking into the varicocelectomy. I have heard there is a new procedure that doesn't require surgery, just a laser to correct them. If you could find me another urologist for us to get another opinion, that would be great! Thank you for all your help
amyaalc replied to Mrs_Cary_616's response:
Dr Sandlow would be the guy in your area. He knows will have the best advice and know the ins and outs of your husbands situation.

I guess the question to ask is are you willing to try the traditional varicoceletomy and give him 6-9 month for sperm parameters to improve or do you want a quick pregnancy? If you are not willing to invest the time move forward with the IVF. If you are not worried about time factor try the repair and if still not pregnant in 9 months you can always start in on the workups and preparation for IVF.

Natural conception is cheaper and offers healthier offspring so personally I would always try to go natural as first option.

An_252350 responded:
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