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Semen Report
An_252286 posted:
i am 30 yr old, need your professional advice / Opinion regarding below report
Volume - 2.5 ml, Color- Crayish White, Viscosity - Normal, Reaction- Alkaline,
Liquifaction Time - 30mntsNormal Form- 70% (oval form),
Abnormal Form- 30%,
Spermatogenic Cell 3-4 /hpf,
PUS Cells 5-7/hpf , RBC's 1-2/hpf,
Sperm Agglutination Present, Total Sperm Count 110 million/ml,,,, Active 1/2 hr after Emission 40%, Sluggish 1/2 hr after emission 20%, Non motile 1/2 hr after emission 40%, Active 1 Hr After emission 35%, Sluggish 1 Hr After emission 15%, Non motile 1 Hr after emission 50%, Active 2 Hr after emission 30%, Sluggish 2 Hr After emission 10%, Non motile 2 Hr after emission 60%
thank you in advance
amyaalc responded:
Great sperm count or testicular output: 2.5 x 110 = 275 million total count

275 x 40% active = 110 million total motile

Normal fertility, WHO 5th Edition, is classified at 15 million total motile or higher so you look great!

The PUS cells and RBC are possibly elevated but you need to compare to the reference column on your report to see if out of range based on their testing methods. If elevated you should see your local urologist to check for epididymistis or prostatitis.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS(ABB)
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal

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