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Is daily use of tools for sex is Dangerous for us
An_252250 posted:
is daily use of tools for sex is Dangerous for us.
can we use tools for sex in our daily life. or is can hav some side effect tool, help me
An_252350 responded:
there are many different types of sex toys.
sex toys are used to enhance the sexual experience with or without a partner.
there are vibrators of various kinds, shapes and sizes, and there are fake penises that do not vibrate. these can be inserted into the vagina or rectum and must be cleaned after each use.
butt plugs are very self-explanatory, and some have vibrator features.
there are rubber vaginas, anuses, fists, etc. that the penis can be inserted into.
anal beads, sometimes called ben wa beads, can be inserted into the anus and pulled out later for sexual affects.
the disadvantages of using vibrating toys; one who uses these often may find it difficult to reach orgasm in other ways.

Sex toys are devices for use during masturbation alone or for use during foreplay and sex between partners.[br> [br>

"022 You do not feel the need to mingle with others. You are your own best friend
"022 You masturbate when ever you get a chance
"022 You create situations for yourself in order to masturbate
"022 You try new techniques because the old ones got boring
"022 You do it just because you can't fall asleep or you are alone
"022 You dont feel the need for a relationship just because you are happy with yourself. You are always satisfied
"022 You do it once or twice a day every day
"022 You can't skip a single day without masturbation, or can hardly skip
"022 There is no end of it that you can ever stop it
"022 You never get bored with because you continue to change your fantasies

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