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abnormal semen analysis
An_249781 posted:
My husband is hypertensive (controlled with medication) and is being treated for hypogonadism. He is presently on both HCG shots and Clomid. His testosterone level is finally at 507ng/dL and his estradiol is 30.7pg/mL. His FSH level is 1.2mIU/mL and the LH is 2.0mIU/mL.
He has a very minor varicocele on his right testicle.

After a month after his labs we decided to have his semen analysis and his results were very abnormal. Test results were evaluated (WHO 4th ED) by the lab at the fertility center and his primary doctor. Not sure if we can conceive with his values. Can anyone offer some advice as to improve his tests?

Volume: 2.6mL
Color: translucent
Viscocity: Normal
Liquefecation(minutes) Normal
pH: 7.2
Concentration(Mill/mL): 2.8**
Total Count (Mill):7.3**
Motility (5): 38**
Progression Rate(0-3): 1-2**
Total Motile(Mill): 2.8**
Normal Forms(%)Strict criteria (Krugers): 2**
Viability (%): 55**
Debris: Slight
WBC's (Mill/ml):<1
Morphology abnormalities: tapered heads, amorphous heads.
** Abnormal Range
amyaalc responded:
Sounds like he's on the right path with the HCG and clomid and that should help improve his sperm production.

The current sperm count of 7.3 million total and 38% motile for a total motile of 2.8 million is low classifying him as subfertile and pregnancy is possible put chances are low.

After he's been on the HCG treatment for 2-3 months retest another semen analysis to see if these numbers are improving. If he numbers reach 5-10 million motile you can try intrauterine inseminations to increase chances of pregnancy.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS (ABB)
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
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