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abnormal sperm morphology
0554573335 posted:
Hi Amy,
me and my wife TTC for 2 years. we have visited fertility clinic for some investigation. DR ordered blood test and ultrasound for my wife. all of these are normal. SA show abnormal in morphology ( 0% normal) . I repeated after 6 weeks with same result. This is my result for SA
volume 2.2
conc 16.7
sperm per ejac. 36.7
motile prog 38
motil total 49
total motil count 18
normal forms 0%
pH 8.2
vitality 67
Actually, I did it before 3 years and it was normal.Also, my wife got pregnant before 9 months with early miscarriage.
I don't know what is the possible causes of my problem.
this will be my pleasure if discuss it to me.
amyaalc responded:
Since all checks out okay on her end and you have 0 normal forms for your morphology reading it looks like this needs addressed to find the cause of poor sperm production.

Check if any of your local urologist have fellowship training in male factor fertility and schedule an appointment.

Do you take any prescription medications?
Work with any chemicals? Solvents? Toxic matter? Breath fumes of any kind at work?
Healthy well balanced diet?
Heat exposure to testicles?
Any medical conditions?

These things will need to be address along with a physical exam to see if you have a varicocele that can overheat the testicles damaging the sperm and low sperm production.

I also recommend starting on a fertility blended vitamin.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS (ABB)
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
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