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any help with low sperm count
An_206292 posted:
My husband and I have been having unprotected sex for as long as I can remember (5+ years)?I have never been on any type of birth control and have never been pregnant. I was tested 2 years ago to see if I had any blockage in my tubes, and I didn't. Unfortunately my husband was never tested for anything (he didn't have insurance at the time, and could be added to mine, because at the time of my testing, we were not married — just got married in March 10') so, we don't know for sure what the problem is.
My question is, is there any 'home remedies' to make his sperm count higher? Im thinking he might have a very, very low sperm count?Thank you!!!
AmyAALC responded:
Get that semen analysis done and since it is fertility testing insurance might not cover the cost anyway so call around and find out the price for cash pay. A SA is a quick and easy way to get a lot of answers on male fertility or if you can rule out him as being the cause to no pregnancies after all this time.

Check out my post on sperm healthy lifestyle for tips to make sure he's doing everything he can to improve his fertility.
GracieRizzo replied to AmyAALC's response:
got the analysis - hes at 11million...i got my IUI done last saturday and when they cleaned his sperm, his count rised to 13 million! but alot of the sperm were deformed...(just found that out today!!!!!! now, im just waiting till the 25th to take my pregnancy test...
AmyAALC replied to GracieRizzo's response:
Keeping my fingers crossed!
GracieRizzo replied to AmyAALC's response:
me too! thank you!!!!!!
hannah66212 responded:
Hey there, we went through the same thing. My husband and I had unprotected sex for 5 years before we got pregnant. His sperm was a little low as well as the motility. He also went through chemo for cancer.

A few tricks would be not taking hot baths because it can kill sperm, wearing boxers or no underwear at home - gives them room. Puttng a fan between his legs to cool off the area.

Also, remember saliva kills sperm. Good luck on your IUI and I hope these help.
An_206293 responded:
I was diagnosed with low sperm count of 2.6Millions only.
However I go to the alternative treatment, i drink the following below:
Red Ginseng: 2x a day (taken by cycle meaning 3 weeks take, then 1 week off)
Fish Oil: 3x a day (not fish "liver" oil)
Co-Q10: 3x a day (100mg each)
Vitamin C: 2x a day (500mg each)
Vit E: 2x a day (400iu each)
Zinc 30mg

After 2 months my sperm went upto 19.6Millions!
I would continue this and later on will include Garlic Oil for any infection.

Comes with many prayers also! Thank God!

Consult a Urologist first, but incase you want alternative treatment after trying the medical, you may want to try what I have taken.
GracieRizzo replied to An_206293's response:
tested and...BFN!!! its really unsetting. I knew his sperm count was low, but really had high hopes that the IUI would work.

Anon_73385: i will try what you recermended to raise my DH sperm count. We are going to try another IUI in a few months...if it doesnt work this time, we are going to use donor DH is 100% OK with it. We will see what happens.

*~*~*~Baby dust to all~*~*~*
stronglove replied to GracieRizzo's response:
good luck
Sheldon_Marks_MD replied to stronglove's response:
A key thing to remember is that men don't put out quality sperm, they put out quantity - so having lots of bad sperm is normal. In fact you can have only 4 % normal sperm and still have a normal count with normal conception rates.
jon3brn replied to An_206293's response:
You said you drink that stuff. Are you saying its like a milk shake type thing or you are taking these vitamins? I am asking because you can find the majority of those items in a multivitamin like one a day equate which is what my husband is taking. But what most interests me is that the amount of the count that went up. That is a big jump.

Just a little clearer on the instructions would do me wonders when I try to pitch the idea to my husband. What inspired the items that you are taking? research or doctors recommendation?
mrsrachie replied to An_206293's response:
Hey There -

Can you explain how you "drink the following?" Are these all available in a liquid form? Do you also take a muti-vitamin or just the vitamins you listed above. Was this combo recommended by an alternative health provider or someone else?

Thanks for your help,
jon3brn replied to mrsrachie's response:
dont think we will be getting a response. I have been waiting a month for an answer. I am going to just take the ingredients and ask our RE what would be the most beneficial way to take this. Would it be better to take a pill or mix it up?

If you find out, let me know. And when I get something I will let you know.
MMK82 replied to jon3brn's response:
Hey! I thought I would share with you two my husband's 'supplement schedule':

Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Fish Oil

Folic Acid
Fish Oil

He takes one of each pill at the appointed time. You'll see that he takes the Fish Oil and Zinc twice a day, and everything else is just once a day. I got these recommendations from a different WebMD thread, I think it was within this community, a long time ago. He does NOT take a multi-vitamin in addition to all this. I don't know if it's possible to overdose on vitamins, so I just have him taking what's on the above list.

He started this in mid-December. His most recent S/A was in November, and his results were borderline low. He had a great count, but his motility was 56% and morphology was 54%. We have our first RE appt next week, and I imagine they will order a S/A sometime soon, so we'll see if the vitamins have made a difference!

If I find the original post, I'll link to it.

Hope this helps!
MMK82 replied to MMK82's response:
Let me know if this link works

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