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abigeila posted:

I am back again after one year TTC with no luck. my husband did a recent SA, this time with an andrology specialist , the results are:

Volume 2.4 ml
Count 20.2 ml
Total count 48.4 mill


Grade a 3%
Grade b 37%
Grade c 14%
Grade d 46%


Normal 5%
Tapering head 10%
Pyriform 6%
Round head 42%
Anormous head 31%
Small acromosal area head 4%
Asymmetric insertion neck 2%

Is it true that only grade a can fertilize an egg, my husband is only 3%.also morphology is only 5%

The doctor prescribe profertil a vitamine blend.
We been trying for 1.5 years
amyaalc responded:
His sperm production level looks good but that motility is low with a majority of sperm on the sluggish side. She motility can improve once inside the female where they encounter the female secretions that provide nutrients to hyperactive the sperm.

Overall we would like to see that motility with a higher percentage in the Grade a.

If you have had a full workup and no problems on your end it looks to be that this low grade motility is the issue at hand.

Give the vitamins 3 months and check another sample to see if motility has improved.

Does your husband have any exposures to chemicals or heat?

Good luck and let us know how his next SA turns out.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS (ABB)
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
abigeila replied to amyaalc's response:

After three months of vitamins the results are nearly the same except the Total count from 48.4 mill to 72.9 mill and sperm count/ml went to 24.3 mil/ml


Grade a from 3% to 4%
Grade b from 37% to 36%

So there is not such a big difference

no he haven't any exposure to heat or chemicals

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