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Vasectomy reversal
An_206296 posted:
I am dating a guy that is 42 and had a vasectomy about 4 years ago. I am 37 and have 3 healthy children from a previous marriage. We are getting engaged soon and are considering having a child together. Had anyone had a successful pregnancy result from a vasectomy reversal? What are the chance of a successful pregnancy after a vasectomy reversal? Any help would be great. Thanks
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
The good news is that if he has his reversal done by a true expert, his chances for success are very high. At our center where this is all we do Monday through Friday, we see a 97 to 99% success for men only 4 years out. Be careful and do your research! Many doctors claim to be experts and are not. Do not believe everything you read on a website. In our practice, we see men from every state in the US and 65 countries around the world,. In fact, today's patient was from Alaska. Regarding pregnancy, even if he has great results with normal counts, your age may reduce your chances for getting pregnant as women who are older tend to have a harder time getting pregnant with a harder time staying pregnant- an increased miscarriage rate. Good luck.
chichidallas replied to Sheldon_Marks_MD's response:
Thank you so much Dr. Marks for your response. I looked at your website and I must say, I am very impressed. I have an appointment with my OB next month to discuss pregnancy for me and see what his thoughts are. I have had 3 healthy pregnancies, my youngest child is 6. I'm hoping that if we do the reversal, we will have a successful outcome. There is a great chance, we will be making a trip to see you. He wouldn't be able to take off work until the first of April, this is his busy time of year. I understand from reading your website that the consultation can be done via telephone. Is that correct? I am hoping that we will get to meet you sometime in 2011. Thanks so much.
Sheldon_Marks_MD replied to chichidallas's response:
Yes, phone consults can be done at any time, at no charge. To be fair, we are not the only "game in town" - there are some very talented microsurgeons throughout the US and internationally.

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