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varicocele and exercise
acfalcon posted:
I have a varicocele in both sides (the right is very small), so I did a fertility test and it came back healthy. My question is that I've always been a person who exercises a lot and I sometimes as usual lift heavy weight (not the maximum but heavy enough to challenge me). I wear support (tight shorts), during but I was afraid that the weight training would make it worse and cause me to no longer be fertile so I stopped. Problem is now I feel very weak because I haven't lifted a thing (huge decrease in sex drive too) for almost a year and recently tried to help someone move and felt like I was straining to help move a washer (which used to be easy). I want to start exercising again with occasional weight training, but I don't want it to ruin my chance of having a child. My doctor doesn't seem to concerned about it, but I just wanted some extra feedback, thanks.
AmyAALC responded:
The weight training would not be a problem. Staying healthy and fit is actually helpful. If you would cause some extra heat it would not be permanent and would take a few months to produce new sperm and have the old effected sperm moved out with regular ejaculations. Get back to the gym!

Amy Perkins, MS, TS
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
Romeo0214 replied to AmyAALC's response:
Dear Amy, My name is Aaron. I am 23 and am healthy as a hourse. But I have had an issue that I have been watching since I had first noticed it around 16 or 17. Recently i had asked my wifes doctor on her last check up for his advise about the enlarged and multiple vaines growing in my left testical. He was very brief and unhelpfull but did tell me that it might be ehat is know as Varicocele. I began researching after my wife and I misscarried our first child at 9 weeks wondering if this issue may have been the cause. I haven't expirenced any problems sexually or in my genital health unrill a recent occurence. During normal intercourse i started feeling a sharp pain in my left thigh that violently shot up into my left testical and didnt subside untill an hour later...hence the cause of my alarm. I was hoping you or someone could share some insight into this disorder and maybe give me some advise or if I should look into medical treatment.
I will be egarly waiting on a reply on this site but if possible DR. Perkins please email me at
Thank you,
Sencerly, Aaron Parker
AmyAALC replied to Romeo0214's response:

I recommend seeking that attention of an urologist. Getting a check to make sure nothing major is going on is always a nice piece of mind. A quick and easy physical exam by your urologist will be able to detect if you have a varicocele. The pain is concerning and doesn't sound normal so get that appointment made ASAP.

As far as the is almost impossible to pinpoint the exact reason for the miscarriage. I've seen studies indicating as high as 505 of pregnancies result in miscarriage. The number one thing to remember is that the pregnancy wasn't perfect (most often chromosomal problems) so natural selection step in and took care of things. Most couples have no problem getting pregnant a second time and having a healthy full term pregnancy.


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