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urethra location
conleygirl posted:
Hi me and my husband have been trying to concieve for 4 years now, we havent been tracking ovulation with a kit or anything just having unprotected sex. we recently went to fertility specialist and had a workup done on my husband. His sperm count was 15 million and everything else checks out. my ovaries are in great shape and my uterus is awesome(doctors words) however, we didnt have a physical examination of my husband and I think there may be a problem effecting getting the sperm up to the cervix. His Urethra is on the side of his penis, not like randomly placed but like when he got circumcised the pulled the top to one side more then the middle, can this effect us getting pregnant and if so what could we do besides invitro that might help? thanks!
An_206309 responded:
To cure infertility or azoospermia caused by prostatitis, epididymitis or other genital diseases, I suggest you to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can kill bacteria, virus, mycoplasma, chlamydia and pathogen. Meanwhile, it can promote Qi to release pain, clear away heat and dampness, promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis. After three to four months treatment, patients would have their tests results normal and the disease is cured.
1. As a traditional Chinese medicine, it is very effective in killing bacteria and other pathogen.
2. Traditional Chinese herbs with other herbs which can treat in the lesion, the disease can be cured by provide more oxygen and nutrition in the semen. So that azoospermia can get cured.

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