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Smoking, drug use and alcohol influence on male fertility
AmyAALC posted:
YES. It is that plain and simple. Marijuana and other drugs including the use of tobacco (smoking and chewing) have been associated with lowered testosterone levels, lowered sperm counts, poor sperm morphology, and DNA fragmentation. Excess or binge drinking or heavy drinking is associated with significant sperm toxicity.
shellgg responded:
Can smoking cause the OPT test to come back abnormal?

Can IUI with ovulatory stimulation be successful even with low OPT results but a normal sperm count/motility?

AmyAALC replied to shellgg's response:
I'm not sure if you can say the smoking directly is the cause for the abnormal ovulation. Abnormal ovulations is a red flag to see an reproductive endocrinologist to see what is going on with your cycle.

Smoking exposes the eggs you are born with to thousands of chemicals. A women is born with all the eggs she will ever have so treat them well to ensure future fertility. With men they make new sperm constantly so their sperm cells can recover once smoking is stopped. It is absolutely shocking that people still choose to smoke with all the research showing the harmful effects on the human body.
The IUI is possible but if your ovulation is not timed correctly you have decreased odds for getting pregnant.

shellgg replied to AmyAALC's response:
Thank you for your response, but I think you misunderstood. We had an OPT test done (hamster test) and the results came back on the low side. I was wondering if my husbands smoking could affect the hamster test results. I, thankfully, do not smoke.
AmyAALC replied to shellgg's response:

Sorry, I thought you took an ovulation predictor test. The sperm penetration test does look at how well the sperm are able to fertilize the egg and if his sperm are struggling to penetrate the zona pellucida (outer shell) of the egg this could be the cause to no pregnancies. Smoking causes a number of problems and results in decreased pregnancy rates so it is very possible the weak sperm are a result of his smoking. I did a study looking at patients that smoked vs non-smokers post vasectomy reversal and the smokers had no difference in return of sperm but they did show lower pregnancy rates with their partners. They still produce sperm but that sperm is not as good as non-smokers when creating a pregnancy.

I would stress the need for him to kick the habit because giving up smoking could save you having to go through IVF. You could save money from not buying cigarettes and save money if you don't have to use IVF to achieve pregnancy. He should also begin a fertility blended male vitamin.

shellgg replied to AmyAALC's response:
Thank you so much!
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
Anything you smoke or excess alcohol is bad for fertility. No exceptions. There are toxic chemicals in tobacco and pot that get into your system and hurt sperm production and quality.

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