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Person001 posted:
so i have watery and clear sperm. and i get told it might be that im sterile
but i want to make get some research before going to the doctors.
AmyAALC responded:
I'm guessing that is watery and clear ejaculate or seminal fluid not sperm. You can not predict fertility from just examining color of the fluid. The only way to check you fertility and see if you have sperm in your seminal fluid is with a semen analysis or examination under a high powered microscope. The consistency of the ejaculate will change from day-to-day. Actually, watery fluid or non-mucousy is a good thing. The color of an ejaculate can vary from clear to opalescent to yellow or even a hint of red if any traces of blood from a recent testicular trauma.

Amy Perkins, MS
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
Person001 responded:
so would this have an effect of getting my girlfriend pregnant?
AmyAALC replied to Person001's response:
Hard to say without getting a semen analysis done.


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