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are my testis healthy?
Kylesww posted:
im 25, male, and i have been hit in my "family jewels" several times with tennis balls, i put a laptop on my thighs daily, i wear briefs, and somtimes my left one hangs lower than my right one.
AmyAALC responded:
Hard to say if the tennis ball blows have caused any damage and if you are concerned set up an appointment with a local urologist. I would stop putting the laptop directly on you to reduce excess heat the the groin area/testicles. The briefs are of no concern and the hanging pattern also of no concern.

The laptop can cause damage to your sperm cells but not going to damage the testicle. The overheating of the groin area can cause damage to the sperm and last for 3 months since that is the time it takes to produce new sperm and move that new sperm out of the testicles into the ejaculate. Stop setting the laptop on your lap and the damage will stop.

Many males take sports injuries to the groin and testicles with no damage to their testicles or fertility. Make sure to wear an athletic supporter.

If you are trying to get pregnant with your wife or significant other and have concern about your fertility just talk to your local doctor about getting a semen analysis ordered. The lab test is quick and gives you answers within a couple of day.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
Kylesww replied to AmyAALC's response:
ok, thank you so much!
Kylesww replied to AmyAALC's response:
how can sperm stay in my testicles for 3 months? what if im
too embarrassed to get a semen analysis?
AmyAALC replied to Kylesww's response:
Your testicles are continuously producing sperm and it takes 3 full months for your testicles to produce brand new sperm. You can collect the sample at home and deliver it to the lab within 1 hour for testing. Labs that take samples for semen analyses deal with this daily so no reason to be embarrassed.

Kylesww replied to AmyAALC's response:
How do i know if my penis is circumcised? does it make a
difference in my abilty to get a woman pregnant?
FCL replied to Kylesww's response:
If you have a foreskin you are not circumcized, if you do not then you are. It makes no difference whatsoever to your chances of getting a woman pregnant.
AmyAALC replied to Kylesww's response:
The circumcision will not impact fertility.

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