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No sperm at all
almostfedup posted:
So let me start by saying we're on our secod IUI and I find out 7/25 if it worked or not. So my husband and I found out around my birthday that he has a missin chromosome which inables him to prduce any sperm at all, so we had to pick a donor. My husband is perfectly fine with it, he says that he's not gonna dwell on it, there's no magic pill tp make hime have sperm so it is what it is. I on the other hand am up and down about this but what can I do? I'm upset that my child will not have the features or the talent that their father has. The first IUI was done with no medication cause there's nothing wrong with me, it didn't work. The doctors office was horrid, they were very rushy with us and wasn't very informative and the hell we had to go through to get our OWN medical records was RIDICULOUS!!! The counsler looked down on us and lectured us because we decided we weren't going to tell our child about the donor sperm. Is there anyone out there going through wat I'm going through? HELP!!
AmyAALC responded:
Sorry if this posts twice since my previous post is not appearing...

A father is the person in a child's life that provides love, nurture and daily support not just a person that provides the semen sample. One day when your child is mature enough to understand the situation you may end up sharing your fertility adventure but that is your choice and should be respected by all professionals helping in this journey.

IUI's can take on average 3-5 cycles for a successful pregnancy to hang in there. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. You are a paying customer and likely paying out of pocket and deserve quality service. Please express this to the office manager at that office or they might not know they have any problems. You if you still feel shorted look for another office that will provide better care and one that makes you feel comfortable.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal

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