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Vericose Vein in Left (Only)Testicle
Chad1165 posted:
I am 33 years old. When I was 13 I had my right testicle removed because it was undescended. it would come down in the scrotum if I pushed it down but then eventually it would go back into the abdomen. It was very painful while up there. The doctor said he had no choice but to take it out.

My wife and I have been trying to conceive a child for about a year. I went to see a urologist last year t osee what the chances of us conceiving were with one testicle. He did some checking in my left testicle and found a vericose vein. I did a sperm analysis and discovered my sperm were abnormal in shape. He said my chances of fathering a child were about 30%. He said I could have surgery to correct it but he wasn't sure what the chances are that it would the situation. My wife and I really want to have our own child. I have trying to do some research on people who have had both of these problems and how likely it is to conceive after having the procedure don but I haven't had any luck. Can anyone help me out? Thank you!
AmyAALC responded:
Your options would include trying IVF (in vitro fertilization) where they try to select the best sperm and use it to fertilize eggs collected from your wife, IUI (intrauterine insemination) usually tried 2-3 month prior to IVF since a cheaper option to try before turning to IVF, or repairing the varicocele surgically to improve sperm production and quality.

You can always start with the repair and see if sperm production and quality improve, typically takes about 6 months to see improvements. If you still are unable to conceive naturally you can turn to IUI or IVF. Prior to the varicocele repair you would freeze or cryopreserve a couple ejaculates so you know you have back-up sperm. Make sure to look for a urologist is fertility training or andrology training because they will have more experience with varicocele repairs and male fertility management. This is a delicate surgery and you want to seek the best in your area to get the best results.

You should also start on a fertility blended vitamin to make sure you're taking all steps possible to improve that sperm quality.

I would focus on correcting the problem, the varicocele, first before moving onto IVF.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
Chad1165 replied to AmyAALC's response:
Thank you for your suggestions. I have an appointment on Oct. 28th to see a urologist. He is the same doctor who found the Varicocele last year.

You also mentioned starting a fertility blended vitamin. Is there one that you could recommend to me? Can I buy this over the counter at Target?

Thank you,

AmyAALC replied to Chad1165's response:
The fertility vitamins are easiest and likely cheapest found online. FertilityBlend or FertileAid for Men are two common ones but there are a number and all very similar.


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