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Unable to produce anything when I ejaculate
An_241149 posted:
Could I be out or dried up?
amyaalc responded:
Dry ejaculations are not a result of being out of sperm or fluid. One possible cause could be retrograde ejaculations where the ejaculate is ending up in the bladder. A post ejaculate urine analysis should be checked. Are these dry ejaculations something that just started, happening on a regular basis or a one time event?

You should schedule an appointment with a local urologist for evaluation.

Amy Perkins, MS, TS
Laboratory Supervisor
Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank
International Center for Vasectomy Reversal
Torcal replied to amyaalc's response:
I have the same problem. My very experienced Urologist told me that it must be retrograde ejaculation. And there does not appear to be any alternatives. The body continues to produce the stuff and it has to go somewhere. I was told that the condition is irreversable.

It is shocking to me that there appears to be a complete lack of interest in retrograde ejaculation. The Urologist didn't know what causes it and my general MD never heard of it. I have exhausted all the leads I could find on the Net.

Simply due to the lack of research on this problem, it appears to me that the current thinking is that if a man can maintain an erection and come to a "climax" there's nothing left to talk about. I'm told that the "orgasm" is in the head not the genitals. A whole bunch of people in the general area of your expertise need an education about the male end of the sexual experience.

When a man ejaculates the first time in intercourse it is not the last. Without any further stimulation the ejaculatory muscles continue to involuntarily contract every few seconds until all the accumulated ejaculate is ejected. How many varies with the individual. And each one of those subsequent contractions is extatically orgasmic decreasing in intensity with each subsequent one. In other words, there is an initial peak orgasmic experience followed by subsequent ones decreasing in intensity until there is nothing left to eject. And the great feeling may last even longer if insertion is maintained as long as the penis remains erect.

The problem (at least with me) is not just the lack of visible ejaculate. It is that there is perhaps just one weak ejaculatory muscle contraction along with a quick "climax" followed by the evaporation of libido. That's it. No subsequent orgasmic contractions. And there is nothing wrong with my ejaculatory muscles. I can do a Kagel exercise and hold it for at least ten seconds.

Stop calling the condition retrograde "ejaculation". Threre is no ejaculation either forward or backward. Call it a "retrograde emission" because that's all it is. It's not a normal male sexual experience.
wcp1977 responded:
its been a few years since about 2008 or so
An_243246 replied to Torcal's response:
We have had a number of urologists tell us it is retrograde ejaculation. We even have the urine sample to prove that the semen is going into the bladder. My husbands problem was caused by a testicular cancer surgery that disabled the muscle in the area between his bladder and his urethra. This area has a muscle that closes the bladder whenever a man ejaculates. If the muscle does not function then the sperm goes through to the bladder. There are a number of different ways to try and get the muscle to function, we have found urologists who have researched the problem. One suggested we use sudafed. Another suggested we try electro-acupuncture in order to get the muscle to work again. There are many different urologists out there with different specialties. I've come to the conclusion that no one person knows everything...just a thought.
intrepidlover responded:
Problems arise when we indulge more than nature provide us to do.
I can imagine your problem. However, i do require knowledge about your sexual nature- like number of affairs you had, and your age, kind of sex you prefer- normal or straight sex, oral, anal. What do you prefer more - love and romance, or physical pleasure?
Also the food that you have mostly eaten. Also whether you feel enthusiastic (or i should rather put it this way- do you find it effortless) for mental activities like reading non-fiction or any mental activity that requires effort. Do you feel physically alert and active?
Anyways, I might be able to help you, but this help cannot give you an oppertunity to indulge more. You do need to have a balanced lifestyle.

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