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KittyKatJenn posted:
I posted this in the infertility treatment area, but got no responses. Thought this may be a better place to post this question/freak out! So, my DH did an SA on the 11th. My docs office and the lab sad we would have the results back same day. I never heard anything so I called my docs office and spoke to his nurse. She said the doc hadn't looked over the results so she couldn't tell me anything. She said as soon as he did they would call me. I still haven't heard anything. I have an appointment for a normal pap on Wednesday. Should I be worried??? Are they waiting untill I get in there to tell me some awful news???
AmyAALC responded:
Most offices will not release lab results until the doctor has signed off so it is just likely they haven't been reviewed yet. It does suck that you've been waiting for so long but I would hope that the doctor would make the time to contact and review results right away if there was something abnormal. I'm thinking thing should be okay and that is why your doctor hasn't made it top priority. Once you get those results make sure to ask for a copy for your own records. If anything is low just post here and I'll help go over what everything means. You might try calling the lab or your doctor office and ask if they can at least tell you if everything looked normal. Male infertility is treatable so if he ends up with a couple low parameters like sperm count or motility look into seeing an urologist with male fertility training.

Good luck and let us know how things turn out!

Amy Perkins, MS
Laboratory Supervisor
KittyKatJenn replied to AmyAALC's response:
Thanks for your reply. I went in today and he told me that my husband has low motility. He said he needs to start wearing boxers and stop taking such hot showers. He said other than that he looked fine. My husband isn't happy about the boxer suggestion, but he said it is worth it.
AmyAALC replied to KittyKatJenn's response:

Thanks for the update and it can be amazing how little changes can make big differences in fertility. Best of luck and let us know how his next test results look!


P.S. It is always a good idea to test 2-3 samples with a couple months between samples to get a true picture of his fertility. Never know if the last sample sat in the lab too long before being tested.

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