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Leg Cramps
Alexco35 posted:
Last night I woke up screaming (in a low voice) running around the room trying to get rid of a leg cramp.. does anyone know why we get leg cramps for no apparent reason.. I keep myself very hydrated with water, take potassium, not sure what else?? any of you have similar problems?
BeckleyGuy responded:
Alex, On the old man to man web page you were telling us about an older gentlman at your gym (the guy that stood around nude and taked with you). What has happended with that issue?
GQ1985 responded:
Alex, to seriously address your question, I think leg cramps are usually caused from a vitamin or mineral deficiency. I thought it was potassium, but I may be wrong. And, yes, I do have them from time to time. Sometimes after driving or flying a long day, or sometimes wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. I hope you find this helpful.
mark_daniel responded:
i've had the kind of cramps i think you're describing. where very suddenly your leg muscles get very tight very quickly and it hurts like nothing else...

i didn't realize it was potentially linked to a vitamin deficiency. it honestly doesn't happen often enough that i get really worried about it though. i usually try to massage the muscle a bit and grit my teeth and bear it until the pain passes in a few minutes.
zoom1969 responded:
Once in awhile I will stretch the wrong way and my calf muscle will go flat. That really hurts! I think there is a name for that but not really sure. It stays like that for a few minutes and I usually massage it back into place. Then it is still sore for a little while. I'm like you Alex I usually run around the room using some profanity!
ChevyDudeNYC responded:
Try drinking quinine water (tonic water with quinine). It is a mineral that helps prevent cramped muscles. It is even in the over-the-counter medicine Q-vel, the Q stands for quinine. It is safe and may help. Good lick

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