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Ramases posted:

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Guys even if you have urinated lets say even an hour before taking a shower do you still have to urinate when the water starts running? Lets take a poll to see what our members will do.
  • Never have to urinate or go before showering.
  • Sometimes I feel the urge, but I can handle it.
  • Feel like your bladder is going to burst, but hold it.
  • Get out of the shower and urinate.
  • Say "oh well" and urinate while showering.
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asm223 responded:
I always urinate while I am taking a shower. Also love to urinate outside when ever I can. I love it
shortman_eric responded:
I normally urinate in the shower just because it's usually the first thing I do in the morning so my bladder's full and there's an open drain.

Funny enough, they actually ran an ad campaign in Brazil a little while ago encouraging people to pee in the shower, to save water from flushing the toilet.
Alexco35 responded:
I never like to do this, I usually get out of the shower and go to the
zoom1969 responded:
I admit I usually pee in the shower
calvinrankin7 replied to zoom1969's response:
why would anyone not pee in the shower?
Runningguy61 replied to calvinrankin7's response:
I amit - I pee in the shower regularly. The sound of the water makes me need to go.
RuBare2 responded:
No big whoop! I "tinkle" in the shower too..
GQ1985 responded:
I do not urinate in the shower, at home or public. This thread makes me realize why I sometimes see men wearing flip-flops in the shower at the gym!
goingcommando replied to GQ1985's response:
I'm one who wears flip-flops to the shower because of the unsanitary practice of most of the posters to this thread. I wonder how many don't wash their hands after using the toilet?
Trouble_Jones replied to goingcommando's response:
I've gotta say that I'm completly suprised that I'm in the minority on this one. One word sums up my reaction....WOW!!!
kevbo48 responded:
I mostly go before I shower, unless I feel the need to go right away while in the shower. Then I go in the shower.
ryu2008 replied to asm223's response:
I sometimes do I sometimes don't. when at the Gym or elsewhere I don't but at home typically I do. and this is not the only reason why I wear flip flops in the shower in the gym. it's for the whole sanitary purposes.
Eugenio311 replied to ryu2008's response:
At home yes, but always aim for the drain. Haven't done it in the gym shower.
Gymaddict replied to Eugenio311's response:
Never. Too much consideration for my wife who would freak out if I did this.

Hygeine Issues? Dont you all think the shower is healthier when we use the commode for this? Or the outdoors(great!!!!)

Interesting Question: How many of you who practice this have wives who know you do it? Are they okay with this?

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