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Erection Question
An_206049 posted:
My erect penis, which is slightly curved to the left, and is angled a little above straight out will move easily to the left, but not to the right. Is this typical, or unusual? How much left and right movement can most men get when erect? Also I lift it up to my stomach, but I can't push it down.
goingcommando responded:
If the "slightly" curved to the left has always been that way, you are normal. There are enormous variations in the angle of the erect penis as well as its curvature. The problem to watch for is if there is a significant change in angle or curvature in adult life because of the onset of peyronie's disease which could be caused by injury, surgery, medications, penile injection therapy or other things.
BJ102364 replied to goingcommando's response:
My question wasn't about the curve, it is about how far a man can move his erect penis from side to side and up and down.
counterso replied to BJ102364's response:
This is going to depend on the ligaments individual to each person's body. Consider how the erection process happens, and you can expect that you should have plenty of movement in any direction except the opposite of what an erection is intended to do.
mpcsb replied to counterso's response:
Mine hangs straight down and to the left even when erect. I can move it in any direction but I get the most pleasure in the down position.
stev1022 responded:
Mine has a slight bend to the left. I have no problem when erect pulling it all the way to the left, but cannot do it all the way to the right without some pain and resistance. I can go up or down without a problem.
gymguygreg replied to stev1022's response:
My erection is angled quite high and also has a slight curve upwards. The result is that my glans comes pretty close to touching my stomach when I am really hard (in a standing position).

I can push it about halfway to the right or to the left but it would hurt a lot to keep pushing. If I try to push down, I can get it down alomost to the point of sticking straight out but can not get it down until my erection is subsiding.

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