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    Where do you get naked?
    gq12 posted:
    There was a lot of talk about this on the old board, so I wanted to start up a new one here. I am an exhibitionist for sure and I am always looking for ways to get naked... the gym lockerroom/sauna, the doctor's office, nude beach, around the house.

    I frequent my gym and enjoy the nakedness, but the sauna/steam is in a co-ed area at my gym now (bummer). I've been to a Korean style sauna and this was awesome! I also like to get naked when possible at my doctor visits, and I've been a massage model for a class demo and this was fun as well. What do you do to feed your exhibitionism?
    Kawboy responded:
    I'm right there with you on the exhibitionist thing. My one bud had an inground pool and he has gatherings with close friends and I'm usually one of the first ones to ditch the trunks. I've been to some secluded spots at a local reservoir that's healivy wooded and gone skinny dippin' a few times when I knew I was being watched by a few others. I've also done the webcam thing, it's exhilerating to be watched by complete strangers. Other than that I'm pretty much in leagues with you for the locker room/steam/sauna and around the house.
    RuBare2 responded:
    I enjoy stripping down. Most of mine has been at home. But I have also been involved with a local nudist group. There is nothing like letting it all hang out, and letting people get a good view.

    Like you Kawboy, I have done webcam. There is an excitement to that. I have to admit though, I am more into looking *blush*.. It is facinating to see all different shapes and sizes.
    shortman_eric replied to RuBare2's response:
    This question applies to Kawboy too, but where are you finding these webcam things with strangers? is it just a matter of finding someone then requesting a webcam session, or are you doing like a chatroulette thing?
    Kawboy replied to shortman_eric's response:
    Primarily, I've used Yahoo instant messenger and their chat rooms. A while ago I used to cam on a website (adult friend finder) that had multiple cam sessions going and you could start your own and be an exhibitionist, join in with someone already camming, or just be a voyeur to someone else who was streaming. They had singles, couples, multiples, sr8, bi, gay... you name it.
    Alexco35 responded:
    I usually only get nude when I am changing in the Locker room. I used to be very shy and self conscience when I was younger.. Im not so much anymore...
    Commando14 responded:
    Good topic gq. Im also into the exhibitionism thing and do the usual gym locker room, sauna, around the house, and also at doctors visits. My current gym does not have a steam room, ony sauna and most guys wear swim trunks in there but I still go in just a towel and let it hang open. I also love skinny dipping any chance that I get and am also usually one of the first to lose the trunks. Ive done the webcam thing on yahoo and had some fun with it.
    gq12 replied to Commando14's response:
    how do go get naked at the doctors? This intrigues me quite a bit. My current doctor has spent a few visits where he needs to check me out well on my penis. I've worn tight jeans that I have to remove because they don't pull down easily, this way I am pretty much naked for this. He unfortunately does not have me get undressed ahead of time like some others have said their doctors do. I have even asked but was told I can remain dressed, so I did not take anything off. I would love it if they did ask me to, plus the exmination would be easier to perform. Oh well.

    Do you get any excitement (you know...) from being naked with your doctor? I have. I was embarrassed about it early on but no more.
    Ramases responded:
    Sorry guys I am kind of a closet exhibitionist. I like the feeling of being nude. I will walk around the house after a shower nude, but the wife has to be so conservative and gets on my case to put clothes on in case someone can see me through the window. I will compromise and go commando under my clothes. I have not tried the gym and need to consider this option. I could use a little work out. I do not think it would be a big deal to be naked in a locker room or shower. I guess I am a little bit of an exhibitionist.
    SS1995 replied to Ramases's response:
    I pretty much only get naked at the house before a shower (and sex of course) and at the gym. At the gym, I have no issues just walking to the shower room with my towel in hand and then even just tossing in the bin to get to my locker. Our steam room and sauna has a posting for proper cover up which is a huge bummer because I did enjoy being naked in the steam room. I live in the burbs so there aren't as many guys who are that free, but whatever.. I have no issues with it. I'm still going to be naked .
    Commando14 replied to gq12's response:
    My doctor is one that will have a nurse take you to the exam room, do the blood pressure routine then leave, telling me to undress down to shorts and that doctor will be right in--well, since I am pretty much always commando these days, taking off my pants leaves me naked. In answer to your other question, yes I have had some excitement any time he handles my penis--I share your lack of embarrassment at this.
    gq12 replied to Commando14's response:
    when you strip down and are not wearing anything under your pants, are you sitting naked when the dortor comes in or are you draped with a gown? I'm sure your doctor was surprised the first time he walked in if you were naked on the exam table! Did he say anything to you or just go about his business?

    I also like getting massages without any draping (sheet or towel) when possible. I'll tell the MT that I don't need the draping and have never had them tell me I had to, It is relaxing and exciting at the same time to be undraped. any others also do this?
    Commando14 replied to gq12's response:
    gq, I share your opinion about massages without draping. I always tell the MT that it is really unnecessary and generally makes it too warm and thus uncomfortable for me. Only once did I have an MT fail to undrstand that I didnt want te sheet/blanket covering me.

    As far as the doctor, I am usually just sitting there without any covering when he come in--he has never really commented other than when I first started going to his office when he remarked that I seemed t be ready for a thorough exam.
    Steve2257 replied to Commando14's response:
    Very interesting for me, my doctor is very conservative. Once the nurse does the blood pressure, she tells me to strip down to my underwear and wait. I keep them on until I am instructed to remove them for the rest of the exam. As for the massage issue, most licensed MTs will not perform a massage unless you are draped. This is a requirement of most state licensing agencies. At least in NC where I live, it is the law. If you find an unlicensed MT they are usually willing to honor your request.
    gq12 replied to Steve2257's response:
    The MTs I see are licenced and in FL they are required to at least offer draping, but it is up to the client, and MT I suppose, to use it. By the way, do you prefer your MT to be male or female? I prefer a male therapist. First off, they seem to have less issues with no draping and their hands are larger and more firm. Male MTs also seem to cover more ground and get deeper into the glutes, upper thighs (back and front) and abs. I hate it when only the outer most glutes get worked, about 1/2 the thigh and no abs, so a male MT with no draping gets the job done much better (& I have the chance to be an exhibitionist for the hour!).

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