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Please see the new Men's Sexuality exchange. It is suggested that this exchange be geared to men's health issues.
Mens Sexual Issues
RuBare2 posted:
Hey guys,

Since there as been a bit of a divide among the topics on this forum, I have set up a seperate forum for male sex talk. You are more than welcome to join the new group "Mens Sexual Issues" if you like. I did this more out of consideration for those who wish not to have to sift through non-traditional topics concerning men's health etc. This way, those who wish not to contribute or be exposed to these items will not have to.

I hope this will be a positive move for everyone. If you are unsure if it is proper for Man to Man forum, think before you post. I dod want to come across as "web police", but I do want al of us to feel comfortable to be here..

Thank you my friends.

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Bobber1945 responded:
great idea
Commando14 responded:
Great Idea Ru.
RuBare2 responded:
Thanks guys!
gymguygreg replied to RuBare2's response:
Once again you are showing how thoughtful you are. We are lucky to have you as our friend.

gymguygreg responded:
With the exception of this post telling us about the new group, I can't actually find anything about the group. All sexual topics aren't suppoed to be lumped together in this one post, are they?

RuBare2 replied to gymguygreg's response:
Hey Greg,
If you go under the main exchange menu, (as you did to find the man to man group) you will see the other listings for more groups. I have set up the Mens Sexual Issues group there. Click on the link and tah dah, you should find us!

I will try and email the link to you as well..

GQ1985 replied to RuBare2's response:
Great idea RuBare2. The sexual issues are not offensive to me. As I have stated it is rather the prominent homo-erotica issues that are dominating all threads here.
RuBare2 replied to GQ1985's response:
Thank you GQ1985,

The new group is not base soley for homo-erotica topics. I respect everyones values, and want the new group to feel they can talk about anything. Yes, I being a gay man will be asking questions and commenting on homosexual ideas, experiences etc.. If a straight man wants to ask or comment on their experiences ect. they will also be able to..

What have I said before? We are all HUMANS first..

Thank you again my brother...
An_206076 replied to RuBare2's response:
Be aware that erotica is not tolerated by WebMD ... Sexuality is one thing but anything liable to be construed as erotica will be deleted PDQ ..
GQ1985 replied to RuBare2's response:
Read back over these the math. I am not singling any one person out, but look at how the highest percentage of threads end up. All I stated is I am growing very tiresome of this line of talk. Not everything has to go this way.
GQ1985 replied to GQ1985's response:
Now all of the sudden, I am the bad guy having pointed this out. Yes, I am allowed to express my thoughts and feelings just as everyone else can. My rights and freedomes are protected just the same as everyones. Just because I may not agree with the majority interested in hooking up with other men, suddenly theses rights and freedoms are non-existent here.
RuBare2 replied to An_206076's response:
That is understood. I have put info on "about this exchange" as a disclaimer for everyone. Thank you for your advise.

Ramases replied to GQ1985's response:
I understand your concern. I do not believe that anyone is questioning your rights or freedoms. We do not have to be divided on this issue. All males of what ever sexual orientation should be able to co-exit in an exchange of ideas and questions about sexuality. If a topic causes healthy discourse between members which have differing oppinions then we all have the right to agree or disagree and still remain civil and both members and brothers. I believe if a posting does not interest you then you as a member do not have to address the posting as your right. There is already too much division in our society now. Lets remain as one group which is about men. Remember first we are all human beings. GQ1985 you are not the bad guy you are a member and a brother in this forum.
An_206077 replied to RuBare2's response:
GQ1985 is right to speak up about this! He is not alone in not wanting to read about such male encounters all the time! Kudos to you, GQ1985! You are an inspiration to many for taking a stand that others were not willing to take! Hang in there man!

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