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RuBare2 posted:
After not getting much sleep last night, I had alot of time to think things out.. I want to first thank those who have shown concern through posts here, and for your kind words in emails. You truely have shown your colors of love, compassion, and respect towards someone else.

Married88, Please know it was nothing you did to create the friction amongst us. I hold no ill feeling towards you and your original post.

As I have posted in other threads, I have been mocked, ridiculed, beaten, and treated as if I am worthless throughout different parts of my life. I have always tried to turn the other cheek. Trying to find the good in others, and sharing with them what life has to offer. I still agree, and know that not everyone is going to like everyone else. That would be to simple, and to easy. Words from my borthers and friends encourage me to stand up and fight. I shall fight in my own way, but will not lower myself to belittle those who have tried to belittle me or those I care for. But I will comment, I am glad you have the option to hide behind an anon in your responses. It show that there is insecurity in your own life.

Looking at the members who have join the MSI group, it gives hope I did good. Again, I say thank you. That is all I wanted. A place where those who choose not to view other aspects of men, would not have to be.

in closing, I will continue to be a part of the brotherhood, if you will have me. I will continue to read postings on Man to Man, but feel I will not be voicing my thoughts here to often. However, I will continue to be a part of the MSI group, and will administrate my duties to that group. I owe that to my brothers.

"you may take a mans life, but you can never take his soul!"
tftobin responded:
Glad to hear you'll still be around, in one place or another.
A lot of people missed you, me included.
Ramases responded:
I am glad you reconsidered. At least I know you will be on one of the boards to post and comment about others posts. Certainly you are welcomed back and these boards would not be the same without you. Your voice needs to be heard on both boards. Men are men no matter their sexual orientation. We are human first and need to treat each other with respect and dignity. So welcome back, fellow human being, male, friend, and brother!
An_206095 replied to Ramases's response:
This is good. Perhaps some of you will also extend the olive branch to GQ1985 as well.
Ramases replied to An_206095's response:
I have no ill will toward GQ1985. He is still a member and part of this brotherhood in my eyes. I respect his viewpoint as I know he does mine. He will remain an equal part of these posts to me. I wish him only the best and hope to continue the free flow of posts upon this forum.
All_is_One responded:
You show yourself to be a very balanced human from this. I have posted here before but not as much as some of the regulars, but I do feel a sense of brotherhood on this board that I don't feel in other boards. Its my understanding that the connections we make with others extend beyond face to face. If theres communication and the fostering of acceptance, tolerance, love, then that will happen regardless of the medium of communication.

I feel privileged to have been able to see the level of spiritual maturity that many men have here. This gives me such great hope for the future of humanity that we are moving from the separatist, racist, sexist ideals of the older generations and into a new one of true harmony where people are allowed and encouraged to be theirselves in the truest possible way.

Much love to everyone!

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