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Please see the new Men's Sexuality exchange. It is suggested that this exchange be geared to men's health issues.
Am I mistaken or:
wvhillwilliam posted:
Does this say "Man to Man"
Qhy are women writing on this thread?
kelseyshayne responded:
I'm sorry for invading you guys privacy I know it's only men I've never posted here until just now but I do read a lot of your post because I just wanted to when it's just guys what do you talk about because most of us women think that you mainly talk about sex and sports but I understand my boyfriend a lot more from you guys. I'm sorry again for the invasion.
Wabeekgolfer responded:
I agree. Women are free to surf...but everything changes once they post. Interesting....always the reason starts out 'just' ..then true insecurity and stuff comes out in later replies. So why cannot the women just admit they are poking thier nose to use what they find ? Sad.
tftobin replied to Wabeekgolfer's response:
Lots of women have been in here in the past, and it hasn't been a problem.
True, it does subvert the intent, but hey, if you had a place that might help you figure out the opposite sex, you might be tempted as well.
An_206096 responded:
Men post on the women's board and they read the post too.
Alexco35 replied to tftobin's response:
Women have been reading and posting on this site and the old board... I believe they bring a different perspective and some maybe just curious. I doubt many come here to get info against their husband, boyfriend etc... I welcome the women who come here to post and read... I dont agree with the anon posters... they should have the courtesy to make a profile and so forth... they are not outsiders, but that is just my opinion..thanks
Ramases replied to Alexco35's response:
I agree that women can place a different perspective on the issues discussed by our male members. Diverisity is healthy in the exchange of ideas and dialogue. We should remember that this site is open to others points of view,too!
kelseyshayne replied to Ramases's response:
Thank you guys for making me feel better because I felt bad about invading your privacy. Your outlooks on things really helped me to understand my ex- fiance' now. I had trouble understanding him a lot because he's 42 and I'm 23. We got a lot crap from our ages and the fact that he's white and Im bi- racial half Italian and half Black.
mark_daniel replied to kelseyshayne's response:
i agree with alex's response and the general feeling that women should feel free to respond and reply on these boards. i think it helps bring a fresh and different perspective to some issues where we could really use that.

i'm curious if there are consistent questions that women would like to ask this community for a male perspective.

i also agree that if women are interested in posting here though, please take the time to create a profile so that it's not just an anonymous voice in the wind.
kelseyshayne replied to mark_daniel's response:
Okay I have a question.

My name is Kelsey Buenavista I'm 23 years old I'm bi- racial. half Italian/half black my ex who just called off our engagement a few days ago is 42 years old and he's white. We got a lot of smack from our families because of our races and ages and plus we're having twins in September but he just recently broke up with me he says because of me not telling him at first that his daughter was a cutter but deep down I think he's having second thoughts about our twins due in September. What do you think?
Contemplating19 replied to kelseyshayne's response:
Second thoughts, from your other post on the other board it's been nothing but drama. Me thinks he can't handle it.

And what are you doing over here Sweetheart? You're way too Sweet to be over here. FCL can handle these big boys. LOL
FCL replied to Contemplating19's response:
FCL deals Contemplating19 a swift clip round the ear ...

And let that be a warning to you m'lad, it's not 'cos you're a grown up that you can't get a spanking...

:) ;)
Married88 replied to mark_daniel's response:

Ok you asked if us women had any questions. Heres mine.
What really turns you on??? As I have previously stated I am married 21 years two boys. My husband and I have a great sex life (at least 5 X a week) but I like to keep it interesting!!! My husband loves oral sex any ideas to make it even better?? I know my husband really enjoys sex but he not big on telling me what he wants, he always says I know what he wants but I woud like more info to make it even better!! But the question is who can I ask if he isn't telling???
kelseyshayne replied to Contemplating19's response:
Boyzmomee responded:
Ok, I am a woman who has read here and posted on the old circumcision thread.

Lol, having a husband and 2 sons, I read here to get a male perspective.

I think it is very sad that there is a man who has some apparent paranoia about women being here believing they are on a subversive mission to gain information to use against their men. Sad, indeed.

As the only female in the house, I have appreciated the male views posted.

Ok, back to lurking.

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