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Please see the new Men's Sexuality exchange. It is suggested that this exchange be geared to men's health issues.
Gay Issues
Alexco35 posted:
I have been an active member since about a month before the old board came down. As I have stated before I am a gay man.. I enjoy reading all of the posts and most comments even if the issue does not pertain to me.... when someone asks about advice on their marriage, wife, girlfriend etc. usually I skip it because I cannot offer sound advice.... nor is a negative comment worth anything to anyone.. The reason I really enjoyed these board is because of the great "Brotherhood" we had. anyone could ask anything and everything without a harsh or unwelcome response. It is human nature for us to feel threaten by what we dont understand. I can understand why some straight men dont feel comfortable with gay issues. I welcome them to start new discussions and bring diversity to the group. Even thou I am gay I purposely try to post comments about women also... because we are all curious and human beings... I am sad some members felt they had to leave the board... where is our broherhood? I use to come here to get advice from my online "brothers and father figures". I think we should all man up and behave like men. I have seen the board deteriorate in openess and taken over by some members trepidation.. Let us step back and take a look at the big picture... We are here to learn, and teach... let us be more honest, open, and most important.. respectful.

I am only interested in helping to make this board more better and more diverse... I do not own this board nor do I feel I have a better say than anyone else..... all my words are meant with my deepest respect Thanks for listening...
RuBare2 responded:
Thank you for your words. That is why I set up the "MSI" group. So that EVERYONE would KNOW exactly WHAT was being DISCUSSED in THAT group (sorry for the CAPS). I had started to see a decline in other topics, and I am as guilty as the rest for blogging on the more "colorful" topics. Lets keep MtoM about health... and those who want can also share in MSI.
John-SKPT replied to RuBare2's response:
This is still a bit of a transition, actually a dual transition.

A lot of members were lost when the overall software format changed and the former 'men to men' group vanished.

Ru brought back that one, starting from scratch, and then added the MSI group. But I think that both are picking up steam as a few more folks find out where the old one went and eventually tracks down the newer groups.

I'd hope that the two groups do not break along lines of sexual orientation, because straight and gay guys have more in common than things that differentiate them.

So for now, I am bopping back and forth between the two grabbing a comment here or there and reading.
zoom1969 responded:
I posted this in another discussion but I think it got lost in the shuffle. I think it is a shame that there has to be 2 seperate boards. I always liked that the man to man topics covered everything! I think a lot of the topics ended up being about sexuality whether it is gay, straight, bi, or whatever because these are topics that most of us could never sit and discuss with our friends or family. A lot of this represented our own thoughts, feelings, and actions that made us not feel so isolated or alone. I enjoy reading all of the topics brought up! If there was a topic that I didn't have an interest in or made me feel somewhat awkward I would just move on to the next one. I think you posted somewhere Alex about people not having a profile and using Anon and some numbers. That seems so generic! They could at least throw some kind of profile together. I chose a nickname and the year of my birth....
Ramases replied to zoom1969's response:
Thanks for your insightful post. I believe in being a realist in that this forum is geared to man to man issues and should be open to all what ever their sexual orientation. I read the posts and value each members postings and I have learned a great deal from each individuals point of view. What I may not consider another guy with experience in their chosen life style can comment on and enlighten me. I do not fear opinions or viewpoints from members if they are str8, gay, bi, or whatever. As I have said before we are human beings, males, and then part of your sexual orientation. Every member has issues to discuss and I say bring them on, because our diversity makes us what we are about in this forum. I am happy to call you all not just members, but brothers one and all!
GuardSquealer responded:
I agree with you Alexco. I have always valued and learned from everyone else's input. I also have offended a few with what I felt was just my honest opinion. And sometimes I think my honest opinions have made the discussions a little more interesting. If nothing else just got some people posting stuff that normally didn't post.

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