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Hooters, Girls or Wings
Alexco35 posted:
Recently I went to a Hooters restaurant with my friend, mainly because I was curious about their wings.... anyone of you who have been to hooters know the food sucks and the wings are horrible... So my question is when going to hooters are you there for the girls or the wings??
John-SKPT responded:
Neither. LOL. I've never been in.

But I do find the concept a little sleazy, in the same way that I find bars with nearly-naked guys dancing on top of the bar a little sleazy.

Could anyone actually take a DATE to a place like that? I'd find it insulting that my company wasn't entertaining enough.
kevbo48 responded:
I've never been in a hooters either. so I wouldn't know. I would have to agree w/ john as in that it does objectify women w/ large chests too much.
zoom1969 responded:
There food is pretty terrible! I know there is absolutely nothing at all healthy on their menu. I try to watch what I eat when I go out. Which I guess people aren't really going there for healthy Some of the Hooters in FL are usually pretty good. They originated in Clearwater and I've been there and some other Hooters in FL. Hooters in FL definately different than ones in the Midwest or the North. I think it is the mentality of lets get the guys together ,drink beers, see half naked girls, watch some sporting events, and eat unhealthy food.....
SS1995 replied to zoom1969's response:
Their CEO going undercover on "undercover boss" was pretty cool.. lol

I actually like their breaded wings, but don't go because I think they nickle and dime you on anything.. sauces, celery, etc..
Contemplating19 replied to SS1995's response:
I went one time.

1) Their food sucked big time.

2) All the girls were A and B cups... I like em' atleast a C cup...
An_206106 replied to Contemplating19's response:
Orange shorts with panty hose is so white trash trailer park it was a major turn off when I went.
zoom1969 responded:
It's funny I left a post a couple of weeks ago about Hooters. Hadn't been in awhile and went the other day. I have a buddy that is disabled. He is 20 years old and has a mild case of cerebral palsy. I have become kind of a big brother to him and I'll take him out. He had never been to Hooters before and had always wanted to go. I broke down and took him last week. It was really good! I got a grilled chicken sandwich that was the size of a plate. That was one of the best chicken sandwiches I had in a long time. He got the wings and there was nothing but bones left on the plate. Not only that but the Hooter girls took great care of my buddy! He got some pix taken with them and that is all he has talked about for over a week now!
sallyfirst responded:
I personally would never work there.
realbiglu responded:
They have food?
An_206107 replied to realbiglu's response:
They have wings I almost choked on one.

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