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Anyone experience multiple orgasms?
Rokk_man posted:
I often have two back to back orgasms which feels so good. If i jack off, I will edge for awhile & squirt my load. I can continue jacking & tightening up my penis muscle & about 30 - 40 seconds later have another orgasm- but the cum that comes out is very thick, globby & oozes out compared to the first orgasm which is a lot of liquidy squirts. Does anyone else have multiple orgasms, maybe even 3 times or more?
Ramases responded:
Sorry Rokk_man I wish I did have multiple back to back orgasms. You are one luck guy! I know the wife has and I always wondered how it would feel. If they feel anything like my first orgasm I would not care if anything ejaculated from me!
SUPguy responded:
I can't say often, but I have had a few episodes of the " double pump " from intercourse. I can say for certain that my partner was a big part of the event. They have been very, very, very, VERY good and that helps alot. Also guys, try to fight that " roll over & passout " urge..... you never know what you might pull off/
gymrat44 responded:
Yup, it's possible. Try reading the book "The Multi-Orgasmic Male" -- it's full of information and exercises. Yes, you may need go do a good deal of practice to get there - but that in itself will be enjoyable!
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
MaxBarto responded:
I had 3 in a row before. The first was raelly short and not much came out. The second one was longer and the third one was the longest were most of the cum came out. I tried to make it happen again multiple times but never got three again.

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