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Worst pain ever
Eugenio311 posted:
When you go to the doctor you are normally asked if you are having pain. If you answer "yes," the next question is, how much pain, on a 0 to 10 scale ("0" being no pain and "10" being the worst pain you've ever had). Women often use the delivery of a baby as their reference point for their worst pain. What would you use as your point of reference to answer the pain question? In other words, what's the worst pain you've ever experienced?
Contemplating19 responded:
I think the worse pain a man could ever have would have to be Trigeminal Neuralgia.

So far the worse pain I've had was a UTI that turned into a bladder infection.

Urinating pins and needles just wasn't fun...
GuardSquealer responded:
I had surgery to repair a fractured ankle a year ago. The night after the surgery in the hospital they gave me moraphine every two hours. In the morning they said that would stop and I would be getting taking pain pills once I got home every 4 hours. So when they stopped the IV and gave me my first pills I was supposed to take them again in 4 hours. Well by the time I checked out and got home and my wife went back to the pharmacy it had been almost 6 hours and my leg hurt so bad while I was waiting on her to get home that I pretty much just cried until she got home. Then once I took them it took a couple more hours for them to start working.

A close second was when I had a hernia repair a few years ago. Everything in my groin was so tight afterwards that when I sat down to use the bathroom it felt like I tore something across the front of me. That really hurt bad too.
Ramases responded:
I think the worst pain I had was when I was riding my bicycle and tried to go down a ditch that was too deep and hit the bottom and slid down the bike frame and into the handle bars. The pain from hitting the boys caused me to roll on the ground with wave after wave of nausea. That was intense! I would have to say a 10 on the pain scale.
Then I needed a root cannal on a tooth that already had a crown. This tooth has a history of being difficult to numb completly. The dentist drilled into the crown and had to inject into the tooth. That few seconds was a 20 on the pain scale for me. I think I almost pulled the arms off the dental chair during that fun time.
SUPdude responded:
Finding out my son was Autistic.

About a 12.
An_206155 responded:
Ruptured testicle
realbiglu responded:
Some sports inuries are bad
fenton04 responded:
Try bulging disc L4 L5 and S1 or go to the exchange and either type p and look for pain or b for back and check out back pain exchange. It hurts just to read them!!!!
An_206156 replied to fenton04's response:
That does sound bad.
An_206157 replied to An_206156's response:
An_206158 responded:
You have to rate it on a scale of 1-10. What do you guys usually say?
An_206159 responded:
Having a baby.
Boyzmomee replied to An_206159's response:
I agree.
An_206160 replied to Boyzmomee's response:
I hear passing kidney stones is bad.
GAP1954 replied to An_206160's response:
Unbelievable pain - I seriously thought I was dying - the morphine was nice though...:)

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