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20yrsold posted:
Im 18, and just got back from my freshman year at college, and living back at home with mom and dad. (for background) At night, like most guys, I sleep nude or with some loose boxers. Friday night I went to sleep in my room nude. On saturday I was awoken by my dad who came into my room to get me up to come downstairs for breakfast. He walked in on me with no blanket on me, with a full blown erection and dripping pre-cum. I was having a fantasy dream. He was calling my name and when I woke up he was still standing there and I have six inches staring at me soaken wet. I was freaked out. I grabbed my small rag I keep next to my bed for 'this exact use' and cleaned my self up while he stood there. After I wiped my self up Im standing there nude, and he told me that breakfast was ready. After I threw on some pajamas, (commando), I go up to my room to relax. And find that my dad found my stash of porn and lotions and scattered them across my bed. I think he over reacted but how do I confront him?

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playerman responded:
think that there are probably several ways to handle this, but i can only think of two. first, you could just ignore the whole thing and wait to see if dad brings it up for discussion. maybe he just scatered the stash on your bed to be funny. that's something my dad would do. second, you can bring the issue up to him for discussion. just try not to get all heated if you do. remind dad that you are 18, an adult, and that you enjoy reading/looking at those types of magazines.

one thing to is your room in dad's house. yes, you have a right to privacy but does dad have the right to go through your room whenever he feels like it? i don't know the answer to that question. and...does dad have the right to tell his 18 year old son what he can and cannot read in his own bedroom? again...i don't know. just remember, summer will be over before you know it and you'll be back at school where all the rules change. good luck and let us know how things work out.
An_206170 responded:
You are 18 years old. Your father should not have walked in on you. You are entitled to some privacy. He should have knocked on your door and waited for an answer, called if he wanted but he should not barge into your room. If he had shown a little respect for you and knocked first the rest would all be moot points.

Do not get into an argument about your porn. Focus on getting him to show you a little respect and consideration. Let the rest go.
SUPdude responded:
Why didn't he leave your room upon seeing you bare ? Kinda odd if you ask me.

And grab your stash. My Mom threw out a VHS with Traci Lords on it......still pissed to this day.
Contemplating19 replied to SUPdude's response:
Traci Lords is unbelieveably beautiful to me... that's one hot 42 yr old...
SUPdude replied to Contemplating19's response:
Classic 80's porn. On a glass table. I felt odd knowing she was like 16, but I didn't care.
Rokk_man responded:
Your dad obviously wants you to know that he found your stash since he left them on your bed. If I were you, I would find him alone & ask him what his thoughts & feelings are on you having porn in the house. This will cause you 2 to have a discussion on the topic, get rid of that awkward tension, & see where you 2 stand on this issue.
JC199 replied to An_206170's response:
Good Job Anon_475!
Your not being an ass on posts wow people can change.
GAP1954 replied to playerman's response:
playerman - you have good advice here - this could turn into a real breaking point if it becomes some kind of battle. Mr. caught - you know your Dad's views and issues on this stuff so respect them and don't have a battle on his turf. If he brings it up - say something like "sorry" . Remeber - you still have college to finish and it will be a lot easier if he continues to help pay for it. Save the stash for school or your own place.

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