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To Dribble or not to dribble!!!
An_206182 posted:
Wanted to ask a question of you guys....
when you guys go and use the bathroom and shake off after do u still dribble a bit or no, and does it sometimes end up with a little wet spot on your pants after doing so.......
Ramases responded:
Yes even after I urinate and shake off well I will sometimes end up with some dribble and a small wet spot. I believe that is why some guys will use the squeeze technique after they urinate to prevent the dribbling and the wet spot.
GaMale770 responded:
Yes, I dribble every now and then after urinating. I even use the squeeze technique Ramases is talking about. Sometimes even after I thought I've squeezed everthing drop out and beging to put my penis back inside my pants I feel a small dribble run down my leg.

I'm 46, have had ED for the past 9 years and was diganosed with Prostatits 4 years ago. I don't know if this has anything to do with the dribbling.

Eugenio311 replied to GaMale770's response:
Dribbling is pretty common for men from the 5th dacede of life on upward. It can be prostate-related, but sometimes it's just a loss of sphincter tone as we age. It can be a side effect to certain medications and/or diet (caffeine might aggravate the problem). It's annoying, but most of us come to terms with the fact that it takes a little more time to finish up after urinating (more "shakes", more squeezing or milking down, etc.) Even jumping up and down a couple of times can help prevent accidents.
An_206183 responded:
a Little
An_206184 replied to An_206183's response:
It is normal.
An_206185 responded:
An_206186 replied to An_206185's response:
This is what I tried to tell the wife but she did not believe it....

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