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penis scent?
Rokk_man posted:
Do some men's penis' have a scent to them? In the past I've noticed that when entering some public restrooms, by the urinals there's often a scent which is NOT a urine scent. Just curious about this. Find it strange though, that I can play w/ my penis for awhile, then smell my hand & smell nothing. Or maybe all penis' have a scent to them & I just can't smell my own since I can't get that close to it?
photoguy1978 responded:
My penis does have a scent but it isn't a bad one. It is just a normal clean smell unless I have been working out or something like that then it does have a fishy smell. I know what you mean by being in a public bathroom, i have noticed the smell too....
Rokk_man replied to photoguy1978's response:
But the clean smell of your penis would smell like the rest of your clean body, right? Hmm, I think that my penis after working out would be more of a sweaty smell though. Makes me want to ask my next oral giver if my penis has a scent.
ChevyDudeNYC replied to Rokk_man's response:
Our penis and testicle area has apocrine glands which secrete certain chemicals and scents. We also have them in our armpits. Your cock and balls won't smell like the rest of your skin after a few hours. And some guys smell more than others, same as everything else. Google 'apocrine glands' and see what you find. Enjoy your male scent!

Rokk_man replied to ChevyDudeNYC's response:
Thx for that info. Chevy! I will google that.
MattysHeRe responded:
as gross as this is going to sound....if you spend the whole day peeing, sweating, working out and then if you have sex or jerk off and dont do a good clean up job, you junk is going to smell pretty funky! Cum and urine and sweat makes for nasty funk.

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